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Best Seed Banks Of The Year 2018

Cannabis is constantly under going evolution, whether it's the plant, bud or even how society views it, the cannabis industry never sits still; the up and coming rise of CBD and of people’s realisation of it’s medicinal effects, the globalising effect of total legalisation in certains States of America, or even just the sturdy genetics may it be auto flowering or not. These are all considerable milestones in the history of Marijuana that accompany the new levels of THC/CBD, varieties, tastes, genetics and much more that so many awesome seed banks have accomplished throughout the years. So to kick off the year to a fresh start, and to keep you in the mix of things from the beginning; here are the TOP10 Breeders of 2018:

Fast Buds 

Until 2010, the popular American Strains were more of a legend amongst Europeans. If you were to get your hands on some Girl Scout Cookies, you either wouldn’t believe the person giving it to you or would be dreaming. The American Auto-flowering seed-bank Fast Buds appeared in 2010 to fill that void and have been doing that job ever since, providing the world access to not only some of the most reputable strains of the US, but also some of the sturdiest genetics and richest tasting and smelling plants to ever auto-flower. With various hybrids, Sativas and Indicas, as well as a CBD strain, the seeds, that come in a slick package with the classy American-flag-weed-leaf on the front, will germinate and produce a sturdy plant capable of withstanding pretty much anything you throw at it. Pushing for a high yield? Or maybe just a discrete grow, either way Fast Buds have a large variety of seeds to match your needs, providing fast growing plants and good yields with even better highs !
A awesome seed bank that you can find at practically all the major cannabis fairs; Spannabis, High Times, Cannafest, the lift Cannabis Expo and many more. On top of that they offer customers the chance to try different strains with their “strain of the month” which, as you can imagine, changes per month, and will offer that a free seed of that strain with your order ! And then 2 if you spend of 25 euros.

Their newest strains are Blue Dream’matic, a delicious auto-flowering version of the original american dreamy dreamy strain, and CBD-Crack an auto-flowering medicinal take on Green Crack providing it’s consumers with a Sativa kick, medicinal soothings, delicious tastes and quick flowering.

Humboldt Seeds Organization

One of the best seed banks not only for it’s well thought strains but also the huge variety of them. With various tasting strains with enchanting names; Sapphire OG, Lemon Potion CBD, Lost Cost OG, all intriguing strains that could’ve easily been names of Harry Potter books, with complexe tastes and potent effects. Or what about Pineapple Skunk, Sour Blueberry, Raspberry Diesel, Mango Sapphire.. The ingredients to the most magical and delicious salad you’ve ever eaten. Rich in flavour, is an understatement, but be sure that with Humboldt the service goes the whole way; from the well presented seeds to the even better presented plant to all round effective buds, whatever takes your fancy, Humboldt have the works. The epic-ness of Humboldt doesn’t just stop at the plants, you can find the team awaiting questions and inquiries and ready to help at all the major events, with the help of the distribution company La Mota, Humboldt seeds now run in Chile, the U.S, Holland, Spain meaning you can get easy access to the delicious beauties no matter where you are on the globe !

Sensi Seeds

The Pioneers of the Cannabis seed world as we know it ! The first grower to stably breed Skunk and Haze worked for Sensi Seed, which just goes to show that their forte is sturdy hybrids providing, as a priority, relaxing effects combined with the specific strain’s traits. Their selection provides a large stretch of varieties allowing an even larger possible offspring with each generation to come. Sensi Seeds have three ranges of products; economical, average price and High quality of Premium. Their catalogue provides a large selection of relaxing, peaceful, euphoric, exciting and even psychedelic strains in all sorts of shapes, sizes, prices and quantities. One of the best things about Sensi seeds is knowing that when you’re growing Skunk #1 or Mexican Sativa, you’re actually growing some of the purest Skunks and Sativas to be ever bred ! Along with the authenticity and originally that comes hand in hand with every Sensi Seed purchase, Sensi have branched out and our now supplying their customers with a wide selection of CBD liquids such as oils and E-liquids.

Moxie Seeds

Founded in 2015 the Moxie movement is a clear-pathed journey of creating not only top-notch seeds, but also top-notch extractions. Moxie-710 (710 - Because it looks like the word “oil”), have some absolutely wonderful strains with some very enticing names and genetics; Lemonade Haze, Goji Golden Cobra, Lemon Cake, Viper City OG, a mixture of what seems like a nice afternoon at Granny’s combined with an exciting match of Tekken on the Playstation, providing you with a large variety of absolutely rich flavoursome genetics, not only ideal for growing and smoking - Old School Style - But also amazing for your extraction purposes, however you choose to do it, may it be dabs, hash, BHO or ice hash. They’re the proud winners of not one but 2 High Time Cups, both in 2015; one, the Southern Californian Cannabis Cup and the other Medical Cannabis Cup 15’ with their VCDC - a CBD-rich strain with almost 2:1 CBD/THC ratio.
Having won 2 High Times Cups, no need to explain Moxie’s credibility, all that’s needed is to give you an idea of how tasty their strains are, but in all honesty the words to describe such complexe tastes would make this list a hell of a lot longer, but if you have the chance to grow or try the extractions, our question for you would be “why are you even second doubting?!”


BLK’s the name, wholesales the game. This multinational team of pros have not only grouped together some of the best genetics concocting some world renown strains but also there intercultural knowledge coming from different corners of the globe, helps them master these genetics, stabilise them and allow a manufactured production of the strains which are then sold on the market for wholesale price, an awesome bank for all those looking to make big crops and big yields from great strains, or to save money and still taste pure quality. Beholding around 40 strains, either auto flowering or not, the strains are some of the most popular on the market; Whether you’re looking for some Indicas like White widow, Chemdawg, or maybe some Russian? Or maybe you’re a Sativa-person, how about some AK47? or some potent and tasty Pineapple, Amnesia, Jack Herer.. The list goes on. So provided quality for cheap price is what makes this seed bank so awesome, providing you the option to try some tasty tasty strains for cheap cheap prices ! Their newest releases include an auto-flowering OG Kush, Sour Diesel and a brand new CBD AK-47 which will be up for grabs in not so long so make sure to keep an eye out as to not miss out !!

Barney's Farm

Barney’s Farm, possibly one of the most famous seed banks for so many different reasons ! The team’s dedication and passion to producing high numbers of potent new genetics, beautiful land races as well as colourful, stabilised, potent and pungent strains, only helps their reputation and drive to continue researching and discovering new and rare genetics. Some of their most reputable strains, having won over dozen awards around the world are, G13 Haze, LSD, Amnesia Lemon or Sweet Tooth, which all have a little bit of new and a little bit of old making them, among many others, exquisitely beautiful avant-garde strains.
What more could you want from a Seed-bank? They stick to the old and venture out to find the new, also providing free deliveries for the bigger orders which will be accompanied by some tasty strains, the more you purchase, the more you get ! Now they’re rocking the game with the introduction of Blueberry OG, a beautiful combination of OG Kush x Blueberry, creating taste and effect and putting into one powerful plant ! aside from Blueberry OG, their newest releases include Peyote Critical, Blue Dream CBD and Phantom OG and CBD Lemon Potion Auto.

Mephisto Genetics 

Welcome to the world of wacky-named delicious artisanal auto-flowering. Although somewhat staying authentic, Mephisto venture out into the wild with various alternative strains, using the old classics to make something special; using members of the White family they’ve created a whole line of Breaking-Bad-inspired strains; from the Heisenberg special, to Skylar White, or even the Walter White. Or how about a delicious line of Sours; such as Sour Crack, Sour Bubbly, Sour Hound or Sour Blues. Apart from the wacky names and deliciously potent strains the plants themselves are absolutely stunning; if aesthetic is what you’re looking for, then why you haven’t checked out their 24 Carat or Tyrone Special yet I just don’t understand ! Their greatness is made up of beautiful packaging and products encasing genetically beautiful seeds that show abondance in beauty, strength and production. Their most popular strains are 24 Carat, Sour Stomper and Skywalker, all absolutely delicious and beautiful and most importantly, auto-flowering, and in 2018 they are introducing new Cosmic Queen, Creme De La Chem and 4 Assed Monkey.

Karma Genetics 

Karma Genetics started originally as a one-man-army, Karma, who decided to found the company in 2008 after winning the “IC420” in Amsterdam. The funny thing is that he’s basically almost entirely managing the company on his own. A lone-wolf in some aspects, but nonetheless the genetics Karma products are world renown for their sturdiness, flavours and most importantly of all the precarious stabilisation. But beware, we’re not looking at you’re average plain sailing strains, although a new line of feminized seeds have been released, the idea of auto-flowering has been totally discarded and Karma mainly deals with regulars, allowing the creation of your own sturdy genetics using the mixtures of male and female seeds that one can find in the pack. From winning one IC420 Cup back in 2008, Karma went on to win the HTCC multiple times under multiple categories, as well as cups in Spain and Netherlands. Some of the most rewarded strains are White OG, Headbanger and Karma OG. Other than the genetically unique strains that Karma has to offer, the bank also boasts a large variety of uniquely-named strains such as Polar Bear, White Beelze Bubba, White Snake, Old Grandpa Scratch, which are all limited editions strains, so be sure to check them out soon before they run out of stock !!

Sweet Seeds

The Spanish based Seed bank was founded in 2005 near Levante, an ideal spot where the perfect climate meets the highly committed team resulting in a highly productive and highly valued seed-bank. Although they do face competition, they still manage to strive in producing stunning feminised seeds, auto-flowering and not, all genetically adapted to grow under sunlight as they are for artificial light, meaning Sweet Seeds can be grown anywhere around the globe. Having been recognised as best seed bank by multiple Spanish cannabis cups in 2007, 2008 and 2013, they’ve gained a high reputation for their mouth watering strains such as Cream Caramel, Jack 47, Ice cool, Wild rose and many more. With Sweet Seeds you have some of the most delicious strains out there, all starting with the name and ending with the sturdy genetics allowing you a variety of sizes, tastes, aromas and effects ! Some of the tastiest strains in all the lands, simple packaging that will always come with either 1 or 2 bonus seeds ! Their newest beauties available to be purchased and grown by anyone anywhere are Gorilla Girl, Green Poison CBD, Crystal Candy F1 - Fast version and “Chem beyond Diesel CBD”, beautiful strains with variously beautiful traits !

The Cali Connection 

“True Genetics is our mission”. Thanks to their privileged spot in the world (California, if you hadn’t guessed from the name!), The Cali Connection use the medically-permitted environment to produce and manufacture some top-quality strains. Their genetics remain predominantly from California, so expect to see a lot of OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies and Chem hybrids, as well as some intriguing strains like Julius Caeser or Louis XIII OG, and even a few beautiful medicinal strains such as CBD OG. Their goal is to remain true to the Californian strains and allow them to be shared around the globe so that the whole world can have a taste of some beautiful Californian moon rocks ! Boasting some of the purest genetics the Cali Connection strains are elite and top quality having won multiple cannabis cups for various categories such as best Medical strain or Best Indica with SFV OG Kush.