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One of the newest trends in modern cannabis world is the CBD-rich strains, like this one. CBD stands for cannabidiol, it’s one of the main active ingredients found in cannabis plant. It is widely known for its anti-psychotic and analgesic effects. Soothing, relaxing effects that the Indica varieties have are the result of having a large CBD content (over 2 percent). Many breeders decided to go even further, developing strains that contain more than 5% CBD.

CBD Blue Shark has 6.5% THC and 6.5% CBD, which makes it one of the best medicinal strains available on the market today. Genetically it’s a 100% Indica plant, so these girls (don’t forget that the seeds are completely feminized and won’t produce any hermaphrodites or males) will not take up too much space, which may be crucial for some indoor growers.
This strain delivers a lot of bud, indoor crop goes all the way up to 400 g/m2, outdoors it’s 300-500 g/plant.

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Gender Feminized
Genotype Indica
Genetics Blue Cheese X CBD Shark
Harvest 400gr/m2
Height 50-70cm
Thc 6.5%
Cbd 6.5%
Method Indoor
Type Photoperiod


This strain is hardy and mould resistant, and gives a great yield of citrus flavours flecked with a hint of Jasmine.



Psychoactive effect is very calm and therapeutic, helps to reduce pain and increase appetite by a lot. The great thing about these strains with lots of CBD is that it’s virtually impossible to have a negative experience. “Bad trips” are very unlikely, since there is just so much CBD present. Many patients with serious health conditions were able to cut down their opiates dosage just because cannabis was so effective for them.

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12 reviews
Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • Comment:
    doesn't really get you high?! I want to try this. Can't imagine smoking that green and not being blazed lol. Seeds just got here in the UK, planting now. I'll let you know how it goes!

    By on

  • Comment:
    it's a mellow high. Relaxing. Great if you're a novice smoker, I'd mix it with some nice hash or some strong Extract. and wow the trip is just unique.

    By on

  • Comment:
    Grear pain killer, but indica effect very strong, thaht's why can't use against pain in first part of day

    By on

  • Comment:
    Short plant, easy to grow, but for me for example was very strong. Good for vacations, not everyday smoking

    By on

  • Comment:
    Very soft and tasty. Good for evening

    By on

  • Comment:
    Really didn't get me very high. So for that 3/5 but otherwise I liked the taste and the high isn't overpowering due to it's low THC% level.

    By on

12 reviews
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