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Auto Little Cheese is just like the original Cheese, but just a little…smaller. These girls are tiny, only reaching 40-50 cm in height. But flowers, on the contrary, are unusually large and sticky because of copious amounts of resin covering them. After the moment of germination only 9 to 10 weeks are going to pass till the harvest day. You can grow this strain indoors or outdoors, in a greenhouse or inside of a tiny computer case (yes, it’s actually possible and a considerable amount of people do that).
Unlike many other autoflowers, Auto Little Cheese in incredibly potent. People tend to underestimate autoflowers in terms of their psychoactive power and this is really, really wrong. Yes, the very first autoflowering strains were mediocre, but these days autos can surpass a lot of photoperiod varieties in a sense of potency. Auto Little Cheese has the inheritance of Skunk# 1 and Blueberry, and that definitely affected the THC level. There is around 15% THC in this strain, so the effect is going to be heavy-hitting and long-lasting.
One of the most recognizable traits of the original Cheese is its unique flavor. It was carefully preserved, and Auto Little Cheese smells just like its old-school British ancestor.
Usual crop is 50-70 grams per plant, depending on how you grow it. Hydroponic systems make the bigger yields possible.


Feminized Feminized Feminized
Type Autoflowering
Gentype Genotype Indica
Genetics Genetics ruderalis/skunk#1/blueberry
Flowering Flowering 9-10 weeks
Harvest Harvest 15-20gr per plant
Height Height 40-50cm
THC Thc 14.0%
CBD Cbd High
outdoor Method Outdoor
indoor Method Indoor


The smoke offers a range of fruity sweet tastes and tropical delights, from blueberries to sour apple.



There’s nothing understated about Little Cheese, including the high, which begins with a satisfying cerebral focus, and soon cascades through the body, relaxing muscle tension and encouraging tranquil ease.

Dry Eyes


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  • Strong indica effect. Sometimes too strong for me, but I like it

    By on

  • "bought a pack of three. None sprouted."

    Hey ! Send us an email of the seeds and packages and everything you can. as well as your name and order number and we'll get intouch with Barney's to see what we can do !

    By on

  • bought a pack of three. None sprouted.

  • It's cheesy. Quite light for an Indica, colour i mean. the cheesy fruity indica taste is really nice though

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