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Tangie’matic is the creation resulting from our latest research , where we have used the best Autoflowering varieties of the latest generation . This is how, as autoflowering , this variety comes to develop very high levels of THC. Although usually the average level is between 21 to 22 % THC , in some cases we have detected levels of up to 23 %.

We got the Tangie clone at the event in San Bernardino in California.

By turning it into one of our autoflowers , the result was a hybrid with clear predominance of Sativa , although some individuals may appreciate nuances of their more indica parents.

You should consider this variety especially if you suffer from migraines , anxiety , depression, chronic stress or loss of appetite. It is a particularly good option for those who medicate in the morning.


This variety has a strong citrus scent , refreshing and fruity , and tangerine flavor with spicy notes.


After testing this variety , you will feel its “high” effect, typical of sativas , which gradually will become a “body Stone” . This is one of the most interesting varieties of our catalog ; perfect for the most creative people as it has a sativa dominance , which will flow your imagination !

About 30 minutes after trying it , you ’ll notice yourself much more creative and stress relieved. And, without going any further, it gives you a good shot of energy! Its effect could be described as lucid and uplifting.

It is highly recommended for both day use, and to take it at night; but be careful! If you are not very used to it, its high levels of THC can make you a misplay!


This wonderful variety is easy to grow , the most important thing is not to stress her throughout its cycle, but especially in the growing season . When the flowering phase begins , you can see how their aromatic buds begin to gain weight dramatically.

The production of this variety is impressive and comercial growers will love it. The only downside is that we do not recommend it for the " microgrowing " or " stealth growing" because of its large size.

For best results outdoors , you should use pots up to 11-13 gallons ( 40-50 liters ) so that this monster has enough space to show its full potential and grow up to 150cm tall!

You will have to try not to stress her with training, to achieve maximum performance.

If you provide a good care , love and affection , this plant will thank you with a huge production of resinous buds with unforgettable aromas.


Feminized Feminized Feminized
Type Autoflowering
Gentype Genotype Sativa dominant autoflowering
Genetics Genetics Tangie autoflowering
Flowering Flowering 9 week
Harvest Harvest 450-650 g/m2 50-350 g/plant
Height Height 80 - 130cm
THC Thc 23.0%
CBD Cbd 0.9%
outdoor Method Outdoor
indoor Method Indoor
greenhouse Method Greenhouse




Dry Eyes

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • This is the best ! I can move and groove I can think clearly and am not munching. Absolutely pain free, stress free and no anxieties. SUPER HAPPY AND LOVING LIFE

    By on

  • septka22

    All is well, but the three are dwarf plants

  • I smelled this strain and jizzed my pants

    By on

  • Love this strain ! most Sativa one I've tried, although Pineapple is up there too. This one was an intensive high of about an hour and a half. Just sat there all night on Youtube and had the time of my life

    By on

  • Believe it or not I got 310g of dry buds ! Smoking some now - great quality. I used a DWC 30l / DNA 400w. Not too much of a hastle growing !

    By on

  • Really pleased ! Here's one month from germination, and started giving it horse manure after 3 weeks.


    By on

  • alexander

    Maybe I got a bad gen. but I'm dissapointed, no rush and the effect is weak.

  • Personaly one of the best strains I've grown, got 55 to 70g from the smallest plant to the biggest. really pleasant high and sweet tasting !

    By on

  • I stayed active a focus , I didn't like Citrus smell smells more like burnt paper for me . maybe a bad gen.

    By on

  • I got this seed as a bonus and have been growing it at the same time as it's neighbours Auto Black Jack and she's dwarfed and hasn't bloomed yet. I cut some of the leaves so that may be the reason, although the Jack Black Auto seemed to resist this procedure no problem. I recommend leaving the leaves until later, and maybe trimming at a further stage because it sure does bushy.

    By on

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