Summer Hot Sale 50%

Summer’s come to Barcelona earlier than expected and maybe it’s the sun,…or the heat… but we’ve definitely gone mad! The Green Parrot Team has lost its mind and has decided to start a totally foolish and amazing Summer Sale, with discounts going up to -50% ! You will find cheap seeds from the be...
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How to store seeds

  Responding to the questions and petitions of our customer, and as a shop specialized in cannabis seeds, the Green Parrot Team has decided to write this article as a guide to the best conservation conditions for our product. As you already know, every seed is a living organism waiting for its m...
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TOP10 Hybrids 2017

  The Green Parrot Team strikes again! This time we are back with this TOP10 with the best hybrids of 2017!  In this world we live now weed strains are constantly crossed and multiplied, creating an incredible amount of new hybrids every day. We want to help you find your perfect strain in this ...
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A lot of new indicas popped out in the last months for the happiness and enjoyment of every indica lover on the planet. Feminized, autoflowering or regular, each and every preference or desire can be satisfied. We made this selection of some of the most innovative and flashy new strains in the m...
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Moxie Seeds

  Moxie Seeds Once again, Green Parrot receives the seeds of a new seedbank, and a very special guest this time, in its catalogue and in its warehouse! Everybody welcome Moxie Seeds and Extracts, the brand with the best genetics for extraction!This American brand founded in Los Angeles in 2014 s...
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