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The Art to Wake and Bake

What’s hot and What’s not Wake n bake is just awesome, from the name to the action, everything about it rocks. For us at Green Parrot, it’s a special occasion activity for those weekend days of doing absolutely nothing, so when it happens, we make sure to have breakfast, OJ and spliff, right next...
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The Best CBD Strains!

So everyone’s like “Na man, Weed just gets you high, that stuff’s for the hippies… pff”, and then you hear about these awesome stories of people taking CBD to help appease the awful side effects of Leukemia treatments, or to help deal with their social anxieties, back pains, fibromyalgia.. the li...
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Best Banks Of The Year 2018

Cannabis is constantly under going evolution, whether it’s the plant, bud or even how society views it, the cannabis industry never sits still; the up and coming rise of CBD and of people’s realisation of it’s medicinal effects, the globalising effect of total legalisation in certains States of A...
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Red Eyes After Smoking Weed?!

Whether you’ve got your hoodie on inside out and back to front, you’ve just pulled a door that says “push”, or a face that looks like Mary Jane slapped it herself, the question will always remain “Bro! How red are my eyes?!” The million dollar question to determine “how high you are"- A phrase so...
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The Myth Of Inhaling

If you also hold your hits until your face goes blue I’m guessing it’s for one of three reasons; Trying to play it cool, getting your money’s worth from your grams, or finally, you just really want to get high. Well whatever it may be, it turns out that the length of the hit doesn’t mean a higher...
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