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What are Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds?

For a lot of us, our involvement in the Cannabis culture resides solemnly on buying it, and smoking it. Growing it yourself? Oh my god?! Not only does having big massive smelly plants sound like a way too much of an overwhelming situation, but where to start? What seeds? What lights? HELP. Well ...
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Top 5 Best CBD oils for Anxiety

As the world opens its eyes to the new world of Cannabis; its legalization and medicalization, the curiosity to understand and use CBD (the main medicinal cannabinoid found in marijuana plants, want to read more? Click here) grows adjacently. Although the researches done on CBD are still in the w...
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How to Dry Cannabis Buds

So, your plants are ready to be cut down, trimmed and left to dry, but how is one expected to know how long the buds should dry for and how long they need to be cured for. Here in this simple guide we’ll breakdown all the necessary information required so that you can get some crisp buds and the ...
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The Top 10 Best Cheap Auto-Flowers

The time to grow is approaching. Here in Barcelona, Spring is on the horizon; daffodil sprouts are shooting out of the ground and vibrant green leaves are bursting out of the apparently dormant trees. Most green-thumb-cannabis-connoisseurs will hunt down that exact strain, knowing exactly what t...
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How to Manicure Buds

So you successfully germinated the seeds, that’s the first milestone, planted them and … Wow, they grew tall and fat. Good job! Now the room/garden is starting to smell really nice which, as the smell grows stronger, so does your impatience to get these bad boys in some joints. Well when the tim...
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