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Top 10 High Yield Autoflower Seeds 2018

It’s June and you still didn’t plant anything. If you live in sunny south Europe like me, it might be a little too late to plant photoperiodic plants and take advantage of that sunny balcony you have. Don’t worry, you are always on time for autoflowering plants. Photoperiodic plants start to flo...
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Top 10 Best Strains For Sleep 2018

Sleep. We need it, in quantity and quality. The lack of it, can make everything else in your life more difficult to deal with. We’ve all been there, the alarm goes off, you open your eyes, and immediately realize it’s going to be a loooooong day. If you are a regular smoker it might be that you ...
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Top 10 Popular Weed Strains 2018

Top 10 Popular Weed Strains 2018 So, we´re nearly half way through 2018, and we have a pretty good idea of what our Top 10 Strains are here at GreenParrots. Whether you are just a smoker, or a grower, these are our favourite strains so far this year. We base ourselves on the qualities each strai...
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What are Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds?

For a lot of us, our involvement in the Cannabis culture resides solemnly on buying it, and smoking it. Growing it yourself? Oh my god?! Not only does having big massive smelly plants sound like a way too much of an overwhelming situation, but where to start? What seeds? What lights? HELP. Well ...
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Top 5 Best CBD oils for Anxiety

As the world opens its eyes to the new world of Cannabis; its legalization and medicalization, the curiosity to understand and use CBD (the main medicinal cannabinoid found in marijuana plants, want to read more? Click here) grows adjacently. Although the researches done on CBD are still in the w...
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