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3 seed banks from Valencia

1. WORLD OF SEEDS was founded to contribute to society with our particular way of understanding the judicious use of cannabis as a medicine, emphasizing its already existent use as anti-emetic and analgesic in palliative medicine and its possible applications in the future as a powerful antioxidant and antispasmodic agent.

Afghan Kush Ryder , Pakistan Ryder , Sugar Mango Ryder , Sweet Coffee Ryder , Afghan Kush , Pakistan Valley , Afghan Kush Special , Wild thailand , Northern Light x Big Bud , New York 47 , Star 47 , Skunk 47 , Mazar Kush , Space , Brazil Amazonia , Colombian gold , Chronic , Amnesia , Delirium , High tension , Ketama , Kilimanjaro , New York Special , Obssesion , Privilege , South african kwazulu , Stoned inmaculate , Strawberry

And the great news if this autumn – AMNESIA AUTO & WILD THAILAND RYDER

You can taste all these strains in different mixes from WoS: Autoflowering Collection , Indica collection , Medical Collection , Regular Pure Origin Collection , Sativa collection

2. DELICIOUS SEEDS : Delicious is the door that awakens our imagination and our senses, the gateway to the state of a complete giddyness of the feelings.
We put all our efforts to provide pleasurable and global experiences… the world is full of beauty and our senses are the gateway that allows us to cross it.
The quality of our image is a reflection of our commitment toward this world, and the best example of it is our seedbank which, supported by the best breeders, has selected the best varieties for the enjoy of the most exclusive growers.

Il Diavolo , La Bella Afrodita , La Frutta di Venus , La Musa , La Diva , Cheese Candy Auto , Cotton Candy , Caramelo , Fruity Chronic Juice , Marmalate , Northern Light Blue , Northern Light Blue Auto , Sugar Black Rose , Cheese Candy , Critical Jack Herer , Critical Jack Herer Auto , Critical Yumbolt , Critical Neville Haze , Critical Sensi Star , Critical Super Silver Haze

And the great new if this autumn – Sugar Black Rose AUTO

3. SAMSARA SEEDS was conceived as a seed bank that seeks to offer its customers not only cannabis seeds, but also a lifestyle choice and an understanding of cannabis. Every single one of the strains you will find in our catalogue has been designed and developed very carefully, focusing our energy and commitment to our customers into offering quality, originality and medicinal varieties.

El Alquimista Auto , El Alquimista , Shot Adrenaline , Thunder Bloody Mary , Ultraviolet , Green Love Potion , Supersonic Cristal Storm , Crazy Miss Hyde , Flash Babylon , Holy Grail 69 , Jekyll Passion , Kiss Dragon , Punky Lion , Spicy White Devil , Spiritual Punk , Sweet Black Angel