Sweet Coffee Ryder

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World of Seeds don’t have too many autoflowers in their catalogue, but those that are present are all masterworks. They grow swiftly, give off generous yields and get you high just as good as the photoperiod strains do. The only difference is the size – autoflowers are generally smaller in comparison with the conventional strains that don’t contain any Ruderalis genes. And naturally, autoflowering strains have a really short lifespan – only about 60 to 70 days depending on the circumstances. They tend mature a little slower outdoors though.
But Sweet Coffee Ryder is probably the fastest autoflower we ever encountered. It’ll only demand 55 to 60 days counting from the germination day. If you like the deep “stoned” state that occurs after smoking Indica-dominant varieties, you can leave plants for a longer period of time. That will noticeably fatten the buds and more THC will be converted to CBD, making the psychoactive effect more “couchlocky” and sedative overall.
These aren’t the tallest plants out there; in fact, they’re pretty small, mostly about 40 to 120 centimeters tall. But they can still surprise you with their productivity. Give your plants everything they need and they will repay you in full. With the use of high pressure sodium lamps 100 grams per plant is a feasible outcome.

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Gender Feminized
Type Autoflowering
Genotype Sativa Ruderalis
Genetics low rudelaris x colombian santa marta
Flowering 50-55 days
Harvest 450-550 gr
Height 40 - 120cm
Thc 18%
Cbd High
Method Indoor




Dry Mouth

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  • 36 day from seed
    Tallest Plant is 90 cm. Lowest 55.

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  • Sweet coffee ryder in progress (35 days from seed)
    Very fast growing, nice smell, easy care
    sensitive to ph
    I grow on coco/perlite mix, 250 hps on 0,6 sq.m. Have 6 plants in 11L pots (SoG). Using HESI. Flowering started on 21 day (auto). WOS recommend light cycle 20/4. After plants showed CO2 deficiency (to short dark time for photosynthesis) i switched to 19/5. Works perfect. Plants reacting very sensitive to ph in grow medium. Keeping ph between 5,5-5,8 (lower = overfeeding symptoms, higher = diverse deficiencies). Every second week enzyme treatment. With watering - less is more. 2 L / Plant every second day. One time every 2 weeks I use 3,5 Liter / Plant and let them dry for 2 days. They seem real like the dry days. After 35 days (from seed) plants are between 50 and 60 cm high and covered in flowers. Smell extreme like sweet Cappuccino. Flowers growing bigger every day. To get uplifting high will cut them on day 65 (from seed). If someone likes it more narcotic, recommend day 72.

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    Green Parrot you are the best! I ordered the seeds just 2 days ago and i have got it already!!! Can´t wait to try my Sweet Coffe Ryder:)))

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    Sweet Coffee Ryder has a sweet fruity flavor and long lasting cerebral high. Is easy for growing. Really like this one.

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