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The history of this strain begins in Columbia, where breeders from World of Seeds headed to collect the promising Sativa variety known as Mangobiche. This strain only inhabits the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range, a part of Andes that is actually isolated from the rest. Mangobiche is very potent, but it still had its downsides – mainly it was the traditionally long flowering time. That’s why it was crossed with Orange Bud, Black Domina and Jack Herer, whose genes made the blooming stage significantly shorter and also improved the toughness of the plant.
The Sativa inheritance affected the cannabinoid profile substantionally: there is 15-20% THC and an almost non-existent amount of CBD, that combination sharpens the psychoactive effect, makes it extremely lucid and trippy. If you’re planning to share weed with someone who doesn’t have a whole lot of experience, remember not to give them too much. It’s a common knowledge that there is no such thing as cannabis overdose, but it’s again a common knowledge that smoking too much weed at once may lead to greening out.
As for the plant itself, we can surely say that the cultivation isn’t going to be troublesome by any means. You can do it both indoors or outdoors, soil, hydroponics, coco, it’s all up to you. One thing that you should know – High Tension, just like any Sativa-dominant variety, is less resistant to mold if you compare it to pure Indica strains. That’s why the humidity shouldn’t be too high, especially during the late flowering stages.

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Gender Feminized
Genotype Mostly Sativa
Genetics orange bud/black domina/jack herer/colombian mangobiche
Flowering 60-75 days
Harvest 400-500 gr/m2
Thc 18%
Cbd Medium
Method Indoor
Type Photoperiod




Dry Mouth

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