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Africa is the habitat of the most powerful Sativas in this world. Some scary tales tell us that people lost their minds after simply smoking one joint of that stuff… Nobody believes that, but still. This specific strain hails from mountainous regions of Kenya. People from World of Seeds didn’t really need to do any selection work – everything had already been done for them. Kenyans themselves are masters of cannabis breeding; they have been doing it for hundreds of years and achieved some pretty admirable results in this field. Cannabis is an important part of their culture; it’s being used for medical, religious and recreational purposes.
Kilimanjaro is doubtlessly a powerhouse; just take a look at its THC content – up to 20%! Meanwhile, there is little to no CBD, which leaves us with the insanely strong psychoactive effect that chiefly affects the brain while energizing the rest of your body. Very tasty and sweet smoke, with hints of berries and fruits. One of the best-tasting Sativas in our opinion.
The greatest results are achieved outdoors, preferably in the greenhouse since the plants are naturally adapted to hot climate of Africa. They will live through drought, lack of nutrients and heat. But we still highly recommend you to evade stresses as much as you possible can in order to boost up the yield.
Plants are inherently tall, over 2 meters or even more than that! Pruning and training will follow you close from now on.

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Gender Feminized
Genotype Sativa
Genetics Kenia
Flowering 75-80 days
Harvest 350gr indoor / 400-600gr outdoor
Height to 250 cm
Thc 18%
Cbd Medium
Method Indoor
Type Photoperiod





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2 reviews
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  • Comment:
    This one is a big monster!!! The best sativa strain ever! Really amazing high and delicious taste.

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  • Comment:
    Green Parrot thanks a lot for a great service! I ordered these seeds just 2 days ago and I already have got it! Amazing seeds amazing store!

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2 reviews
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