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Almost all worthy strains have autoflowering progeny, so does the El Alquimista. The immense power of AK-47 and Northern Lights was blended together with the innate endurance of Ruderalis, which resulted in the emergence of El Alquimista Auto. It is a high-yielding all-around autoflowering strain that was bred specifically for newbie growers who also often don’t have the patience required for classic photoperiod strains. El Alquimista Auto doesn’t need all that much, really. Plants only ask for light, water and some ferts, no matter if they’re organic or mineral, as long as pH is within the 6-7 range, everything is alright.
Since autoflowers live for only about 9 weeks from germination to harvest day, they can be cultivated in areas where photoperiod strains don’t have enough time to finish flowering properly. That includes the majority of Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Canada. And it’s important to remember that modern autoflowers surpass Lowryder and Lowryder #2 in every way imaginable. For example, the amount of THC reaches 19%! It doesn’t make the photoperiod strains obsolete, but you get the point – no longer are autoflowers inferior to traditional strains!
El Alquimista Auto is an Indica-dominant variety, so the high is going to be mainly sedative and relaxing, exactly what you need to unwind after a troublesome day at work. This weed will make you eat good and sleep just as good. Do you have a friend or a relative who suffers from insomnia? Smoke them up, they will be grateful.

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Gender Feminized
Type Autoflowering
Genotype Sativa Indica Ruderalis
Genetics Northern lights auto x AK 47 auto
Flowering 9 weeks
Harvest 400-450g/m2
Height 80 cm
Thc 19%
Cbd High
Method Indoor



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