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Finally, now we have something that is different from your usual autoflower! Shot Adrenaline is in fact an autoflowering Sativa-dominant strain that is based on the genetics of Skunk and White Dwarf. It smells like Skunk, it looks like Skunk, and, the most important part, it gets you higher than the original Skunk would!
It’s a very compact, resinous and smelly plant. The aroma contains hues of strawberry and pineapples. Shot Adrenaline shouldn’t be undervalued; it’s an extremely powerful strain with a corresponding amount of THC (up to 21%). Vegetative stage will be over in just a couple of weeks. Once again, we highly recommend having a 20/4 light schedule to maximize your crop. From one plant you can get approximately 40 to 50 grams of fine nugs, and if the plant is large enough, the estimate goes up to 75-80 grams. The plants are somewhat taller if you compare it to the rest of the autoflowering strains, this is probably caused by the dominance of the Sativa genes.
Very euphoric and uplifting psychoactive effect of Sativa is also there. Plants are demonstrating the unusual resistance to any kinds of pests. But if you’re growing Shot Adrenaline outdoors, we still suggest that you keep an eye on snails – these little bastards will find their way to your plant no matter what.
Always remember to provide your plants with as much oxygen as possible; we’re talking about the root system specifically. Acquire one of those air pots if you can (it’s not a product placement!) or simply add vermiculate and perlite to your growing medium.

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Gender Feminized
Type Autoflowering
Genotype Sativa Ruderalis
Genetics White Dwarf x Skunk
Flowering 6 weeks
Harvest 55-75 gr per plant
Height Short
Thc 21%
Cbd High
Method Indoor


It definitely hasn't lost it's Skunky texture ! Pungent and strong mixed with a touch of sweetness resembling Strawberry and Pineapple.




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