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Genes of White Dwarf and the original Skunk were mixed up together, then the breeders decided to add some Lavender on the top and that’s how Ultraviolet came into being. All of the qualities that we love White Dwarf, Skunk and Lavender for were kept intact, and, as a matter of fact, potency had been increased even more! These thick, sticky nugs carry ~21% THC, which is more than enough for any smoker, that’s for sure.
Ultraviolet will not require too much space from you, it has to be noted that plants are definitely not amongst the tall ones. Planning on growing the autos inside of a computer case or a tiny nightstand? Ultraviolet is at your service. Or you could grow outdoors, which may be the only viable option for people who can’t grow at home for some reason.
The amount of resin that these plants produce is something from another world. And where there is resin, there is smell. Needless to say, the plants give off a pretty strong odor, which is nonetheless enjoyable for many people. It’s kind of like the combination of different berries, fruits and citruses, almost exotic, you can also perceive traces of mango and lavender.
Plants keep vegging for about two weeks, and then the flowering phase starts. It’s also really quick, just be patient and you’ll get your buds nice and ripe faster than you think you would. Overall, it will take 70 to 75 days to grow this plant from seed to harvest. If you do everything correctly, yields of 60 grams and even more will come to you.

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Gender Feminized
Type Autoflowering
Genotype Sativa Ruderalis
Genetics White Dwarf x Skunk x Lavender
Flowering 10 weeks
Harvest 40-70 gr/plant
Height Medium
Thc 21%
Cbd High
Method Indoor





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