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Spiritual Punk may be many things, but first and foremost, it is a strain with an immensely high medicinal value. It is a 100% Indica, and it means that the concentration of both THC and CBD exceeds all imaginable limits. It is extremely psychoactive AND anti-psychotic at the same time; it enhances the appetite, eases the pain and alleviates the muscle spasms. You won’t have to hurt your body with countless sleeping pills anymore, just one little joint will work as a perfect hypnotic. Even if you are perfectly healthy, this is no excuse for NOT smoking Spiritual Punk. The weed can help you to calm down and unwind after work; it’s going to be undoubtedly healthier than a couple of beers.
By the way, the strain is quite popular in California, and people there clearly have a good taste regarding cannabis. Spiritual Punk will amuse even the pickiest pundits. The flavor of the strain is rich and complex; one can recognize shades of lemon, pepper mint and oranges.
The strain sprang up as a crossbreed between two major cannabis varieties, Northern Lights and Mazar. Both of them received multiple awards at many competitions, including the famous Cannabis Cup. With these monsters as parents you can be sure that Spiritual Punk will be worth your time. The buds are basically 18% THC, which is quite a lot, even for today’s standard. You won’t need to smoke a lot to get high; actually, you’ll need like 0.1g if you’re tolerance hasn’t built up yet. Use a one-hitter or gravity bong to maximize the effectiveness.

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Gender Feminized
Genotype Indica
Genetics Northern Light x pure Mazar
Flowering 7 - 8 weeks
Harvest 450-800gr/m2
Height 80-120
Thc 18%
Method Indoor
Cbd High
Type Photoperiod





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  • First grow. Great results!
    huge crop. Easy to gerow. Healthy.
    Plants grew a lot bigger than advertised. As this wax a first grow, I wish I'd known!
    Large, healthy plants . I tied them down to restrain size, which resulted in a lot of colas. Big, healthy colas! Huge crop. I planted this just for my husband and I. We have way too much! Three plants was way more than I needed to do. The work involved in all that trimming was a surprise. I don't think I'll ever do more than 1 again. The stone was very nice. Pleasant, uplifting, thought provoking, overall feeling really good. It was a smooth and easy smoke. I can't believe this turned out so great. My first time growing marijuana. I picked the right seeds! It's name is a good summation: Spiritual Punk indeed.

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1 reviews
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