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This noble Indica should be rather called Punky Lioness, since the seeds are feminized, but whatever, you’re not here to think about how the strains are called, right? Long story short, this variety is good at virtually anything, there is abundance of resin, buds look, smell and taste delightfully, and they are also amazingly dense and compressed, try to squeeze them with your fingers, it’s not that easy. And your fingers will be covered with resin afterwards. That is actually how Indians (people who live in India, NOT Native Americans) make the top-notch hash – they just rub the buds with their bare hands, and after that they simply brush off the resin from their fingers. It may not be too efficient, but the quality of this stuff is great.
Punky Lion is bearing the genes of Matanuska Tundra and Chronic, so genetically this strain is highly similar to Holy Grail, another fine strain from Samsara Seeds. But it should be noted that Punky Lion gravitates towards Indica a lot more. Plants are strong in every sense of that word; they will prosper no matter what the circumstances are. The most crucial thing is the pH level, try to keep it as close to 7 as possible, and you’ll see that the plants will like it.
You probably won’t be able to purchase weed this good from street dealers. Punky Lion is the real dope, something that you’ll never come across unless you’re a grower yourself or have a very close friend who happens to cultivate cannabis.
Yields are more than satisfactory, indoors you can harvest as much up to 900 grams per square meter! Outdoor harvest can also be copious – 500 grams per plant and even more!

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Gender Feminized
Genotype Indica
Genetics Matanuska Tundra x Chronic
Flowering 7 - 8 weeks
Harvest 600-900gr/m2
Height 80-100 cm
Thc 18%
Cbd Very High
Method Indoor
Type Photoperiod





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