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Super Lemon Haze CBD is the strain that unites the best of two different worlds.
This crossing of the renowned Super Lemon Haze with a CBD rich male has created a sativa dominant, strong, easy to grow plant, thanks to its shortened flowering cycle (10 weeks, really short for a sativa !).

Raise your hand if you always wanted to grow a delicious sativa like the Super Lemon Haze without suffering its infinite flowering all whilst guaranteeing a big harvest !! (Ok put your hand down now, if anyone walks in and sees you in front of your computer with one hand up they’ll think you’re weird – and we don’t want that).
This plant will adapt to indoor, outdoor and greenhouse grows and will be happy as long as she has sun and warmth. You can get 600-1200 gr/plant outdoors, 450-500 gr/m2 indoors of her magic buds without great care or worries.

This medium/large sized plant with it’s robust structure has some genetic features that recall indica’s appearance, like its large leaves and its medium internodal distances. Nonetheless, it preserves its Super Lemon Haze heritage, you will feel it in its intense citric flavour and its smoothed but clearly stimulant and mental effect.
Some people suffer from anxiety or panic/paranoia when smoking sativa, but thanks to the high CBD ratio of the Super Lemon Haze CBD, they can enjoy the pros (mental, stimulant, effect) without the cons.

CBD, a natural anxiolytic, removes mental and muscular stress for a soothing relaxing experience. Only physical and mental wellness. Its medical proprieties make her effective against depression, anxiety, nausea and pain and help stimulating appetite.

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Gender Feminized
Genotype Mostly Sativa
Flowering 10-11 weeks
Harvest indoor 800 gr/m 2 ; outdoor 1200 gr/plant
Thc 9%
Cbd 9%
Type Photoperiod




Great Medicinal use ! Nice body high - yet stimulating, Good for nauseas, pains and aches, or the people who want to get high without the downside of anxieties or feeling paranoid.


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    Really good ! Loved the lemony smell and really helped me with my leg pains.

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