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Kush´n´Cheese – Flavor struggle USA vs. UK. The two most popular strains in the USA and UK for many reasons. The most important reason is that they produce special and intense flavors which leave no one indifferent.

Flavors with an overwhelming success in the respective markets and, therefore, they are two of the best selling strains in these countries. Its flavor and potency are the two main factors that users remember the most. These two strains are undeniable flavor queens. In Dinafem, we have tried to put together the two most popular flavors in the USA and UK, in a feminized seed, creating Kush´n´Cheese seed.
Kush´n´ Cheese pedigree:

The most popular strain in the UK is called Exodus Cheese. It is the “old school” clone popularized by this genetics. Selected by Exodus squatter collective, it is the most popular clone in the UK. It is one of the genetics with a stronger and marked flavor: it reminds of strong cheese and garlic and comes from indica Afghan part of its Skunk ancestors. The main problem with this strain is trying to camouflage the smell and hiding the dried grams in order to avoid the smell spreading. It needs to be vacuum-packed, because plastic bags are not enough.

It has a very stable genetic that easily transmits its predominant Cheese flavor. High potency and good quantity of secondary cannabinoids that provide an indica, relaxing and calming effect. It is also very productive and makes firm, thick and heavy shoots.

OG Kush is the most popular and the best selling strain in the USA. It is one of the most expensive marijuanas in history. Very high potency, reaching THC record levels with little quantity of secondary cannabinoids. It provides a sative, expansive, euphoric and powerful effect, not suitable for ocasional smokers.

Kush´n´Cheese has a very strong flavor. Strong cheese with lemon peel mixed with diesel fuel with a retro taste that remains for a long time. It is completely different to European flavors. A special, complex and strong flavor.

History of Kush´n ´Cheese:

Since we had the privilege to try the incredible and powerful OG Kush in Dinafem, we decided to cross it and test the results. We loved the crossing results with Cheese strain. This is the winner breed for its flavor as for its potency. Most of the people that have tried it, loved the strong and sweet flavor.

It has the sative Cheese growth pattern so it quite stretches in bloom, with an open structure and wide internodes.

Kush´n´Cheese shoots are firm and thick and produce great amounts of resin with a strong cheese flavor but with OG Kush’s lemony retro taste. This mixture of flavors is what we liked the most: strong , intense, complex flavor with different tones together with a great potency. In fact, it is more powerful than the pure Cheese strain and has a more stimulant effect too.

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Gender Feminized
Genotype Mostly Sativa
Genetics Emerald OG Kush x UK Cheese
Flowering 55-60 days
Harvest Indoor 500 g/m2, Outdoor 700 a 900 g/plant
Height up to 3 m
Thc 20%
Cbd Medium
Type Photoperiod





Dry Mouth

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4 reviews
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  • Comment:
    Really nice easy growing plant but it's a bit too much of a K.O strain for me !!

    By on

  • Comment:
    The taste is super cheesy and earthy and the high is really nice and quite knock out !

    By on

4 reviews
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