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Auto Amnesia – is our autoflowering variety which has the highest proportion of Sativa in our catalog, and it’s characterized by its height and high-quality buds!

As an autoflowering variety, it grows very fast showing its large leaves and abundant buds.

If you e opting to plant Amnesia Auto inside, we recommend using soil substrates, because if you do it in hydroponics, the plant can grow very large. In good conditions it can reach a height of one meter and a half.

Amnesia Auto matures earlier than standard autoflowering varieties. On average, it can take 65 to 85 days from the time of germination to harvest, which reaches 150 grams per plant in good condition.

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Gender Feminized
Type Autoflowering
Genotype Mostly Sativa
Genetics Haze x Amnesia x Ruderalis
Flowering 75-85 Days
Harvest 350-650 g/m2
Height 75-150 cm
Thc 21%
Cbd 0.5%
Method Indoor


Its flavor is spectacular and is characterized by notes of lemon, Haze and spices.



Known in the medical community as being an extreme sativa without the extreme flowering period, the Amnesia Haze has a ceilingless soaring high that will raise your heartbeat and quicken your pace. Immediately after the first hit you feel your head start to become warm and fuzzy.

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11 reviews
Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • Comment:
    So I got about 75g of dry bud from a 250w plant on an 18/6 cycle. Did anyone get more? the effects were great. really nice sativa

    By on

  • Comment:
    Fierce strain! crazy amnesia effect. tasty

    By on

  • Comment:
    they say the high thc strains freak you out and stuff but i found that i got less anxious after smoking some amne and that i was actually if not more confidant, i'd give it a try especialy if you've never smoked it before. never heard a bad word about amnesia.

    By on

  • Comment:
    Excellent variety, yield and taste are both excellent !

    By on

  • Comment:
    Got here really quickly already planted let see

    By on

  • Comment:
    favorite strain ! Really like it !! Definitely recommend.

    By on

  • Comment:
    Wow. third batch and im still super pleased!!

    By on

  • Comment:
    I'll give it a 6/10, i like the strain but two of my plants suffered badly when I gave them what i believe to be too much nutrients but I guess that's the risk you have with autoflowers, not so much time to comeback from any fuckups. but otherwise the strain is still a nice smoke.

    By on

11 reviews
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