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This strain is a truly unique one. The flowers look so astonishing that even the acclaimed beauties like Purple #1 can’t really compare. The color is reddish purple; we’ve never seen anything like that before. And this bud not only looks pretty, but it also gets people high VERY efficiently. Twilight is a great outdoor producer, 300 grams per plant is not a dream, but reality.
If you’re skillful with the LST/SOG/SCROG, then this herb will not take up a lot of space inside of your grow box, despite being mainly the outdoor variety. It reacts well to both mineral and organic fertilizers, but keep in mind that chemical ferts tend to make the final taste and aroma substantially worse. Organics all the way!
If you look at the family tree of this strain, it becomes obvious that Twilight is a 100% Skunk descendant. What does that mean for you? Predominately it means that during the plants lifecycle you most likely won’t face any notable troubles. Unless you mess up the pH level, of course. The odor of this herb is undoubtedly evident, but may not be exactly enjoyable. It’s a mix of various chemicals, oil products and Skunk. May not be your cup of tea.
Twilight is also very capable medicinal strain. Arthritis, nausea, muscle cramps, decreased appetite, seizures, chronic pains… List goes on and on, but the cure is still the same. THC in conjunction with CBD and other cannabinoids works wonders for thousands of people. So before taking all these nasty pills, remember that in many cases cannabis can be just as effective.

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Gender Feminized
Genotype Indica
Genetics Skunk
Flowering 7.5
Harvest High
Height 100 - 150 cm
Thc 13%
Cbd Medium
Method Indoor
Type Photoperiod




Dry Eyes

Family tree

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