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Tangelo Rapido is an Indica-dominant autoflower that had inherited the genes of Tangerine 13 and one of autoflowers bred by Barney’s Farm. It’s great at pretty much everything – its yields are plentiful, flowering time is very short, and psychoactive strength is above average too. That should be your choice if you look for the strain that won’t consume too much of your time.
Plants often have a branchy structure with multiple lateral colas that surround the main bud, which is simply enormous in size. Their average height rarely exceeds 80 centimeters, so they are applicable for a stealth grow operation. Auto Tangelo Rapido is all about getting large harvests of high-quality marijuana in a short period of time. The general recommendation is to use 5-10 liter pots and give your plants enough water and nutrients. It’s not that easy to overfeed them, but keep an eye on the pH level just in case.
THC content is typical for an autoflowering strain – 15% at most. Plants will most likely emit lots of smell, especially closer to the end of flowering, so using carbon filters is obligatory.


Feminized Feminized Feminized
Type Autoflowering
Gentype Genotype Indica
Genetics Genetics Tangerine 13 X Ruderalis
Flowering Flowering 9-10 weeks
Harvest Harvest 25-50gr per plant
Height Height 60-70cm
THC Thc 14.0%
CBD Cbd High
outdoor Method Outdoor


The scent itself is so pleasant you’ll probably think twice before eliminating it. The odor is sweet and will remind you of lemons, citrus and candies.



Dry Eyes


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Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • I have experience with this string. Well grew, I was happy. Pretty strong, so I left it for the holidays

    By on

  • Agree, for me it's very strong to. That's why I smoke it rarely

    By on

  • Don't recommend smoking during the day, very relaxing. But good for evening.

    By on

  • Good pain killer, but makes me too weak, I don't know why. May be it's very strong for me.

    By on

  • Claus

    For me it seems to be too strong indica effect. I can't smoke it every day.

  • I stressed out the poor lady but managed to get a 50g of wet buds. Had to trim slightly early because of bud mould kicking in. good plant and sturdy just watch out for mold.

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