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The creation of StarRyder was possible thanks to the wide cooperation between the Dutch Passion and the Joint Doctor seed company; these are the guys who pioneered the Lowryder, the very first commercially successful autoflowering strain. The genes of Lowryder are present in virtually every autoflowering variety, so we can say with certainty that Joint Doctor’s contribution to the cannabis world has been titanic.
This strain is a great option for both professional cultivators and newbie growers. It will provide you with the plenty of dank bud covered with layers of trichomes. Plants are pint-sized, rarely reaching the point of 1 meter, in most cases being 50-70 centimeters in height. Even though they are this small, the yields are worth looking forward to. You can expect up to 100 grams off a single plant indoors or outdoors, mostly depending on your climate. In some cases it’s possible to harvest 200 grams of bud by using the DWC and other kinds of hydroponic systems. Also it is very rewarding to utilize all sorts of training methods that don’t involve harming the plants. SOG and SCROG proved themselves to be fairly useful.
Don’t underestimate these little girls; they are just as potent as their photoperiod-dependent relatives but at the same time have a significantly reduced length of both flowering and vegetative stages. It’s going to take around 2 months (starting from the day of germination) for plants to wholly mature. The THC content goes between 15 to 19%, also quite a lot of CBD, so medical marijuana patients can try it out too.
If you decide to have more than one or two plants in your grow room, the amount smell may exceed your expectations a little. Carbon filters are a must.

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Gender Feminized
Type Autoflowering
Genotype Sativa Indica Ruderalis
Genetics LowRyder
Flowering 10-12 weeeks
Harvest 45-200gr/plant
Height 50-100cm
Thc 17%
Cbd Medium
Method Indoor





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