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*Sweet Tooth Auto* is our personal favorite. We think that it’s simply the best of the best. Its THC level is truly exceptional for an autoflower – 16%! But wait, that’s not everything. Wait for it, wait for it… Do you want to know what kind of harvest awaits you? Two hundred grams per plant. Can you even believe that?! That’s what precise selection and deliberate hybridization does. Lots of hard work, but it was definitely worth it. *Sweet Tooth Auto* is pretty much no different from the maternal strain in terms of EVERYTHING. If you’re a beginner, this is the perfect choice for you. Plants will grow very fast, don’t forget to feed and water them, and you’ll be fine. Get ready for a mind-blowing effect that incorporates both “stone” and “high”. The head rush is unbelievable. Effect is so strong it can be compared to the psychedelic drugs, such as mescaline and magic mushrooms. We’re not making this up, try it out for yourself. And yeah, watch how much you smoke, don’t underestimate this strain. And if your tolerance is so high up you think that’s not enough for you, well, we say go for edibles or extracts. But try not to lose yourself in the process. And yeah, the smell of this strain is amazing.

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Gender Feminized
Type Autoflowering
Genotype In Dominant ica Ru Dominant eralis
Genetics Ruderalis X Sweet Tooth
Flowering 8-9 weeks
Harvest 200 gr/plant
Height 50-60cm
Thc 16%
Cbd High
Method Indoor





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3 reviews
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  • Comment:
    week 9.. whatcha think .. it's smells super strong and I've been using advanced nutriments !

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  • Comment:
    Sturdy !! They always say Autos are vulnerable and should watch out with stressing them. I replanted mine, attempted LST and it even got exposed for a whole weekend to strong weekends (I know I'd be an awful father haha) and yet it survived fine and flourished giving me a tasty yield of about 67g of dry bud!

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  • Comment:
    Anyone tried growing this??

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3 reviews
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