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Red Eyes After Smoking Weed?!

Whether you’ve got your hoodie on inside out and back to front, you’ve just pulled a door that says “push”, or a face that looks like Mary Jane slapped it herself, the question will always remain “Bro! How red are my eyes?!” The million dollar question to determine “how high you are"- A phrase some of you may have heard more than others, as a rebellious teenager this question was asked far too often and yet it seems that not matter how high we are, the redness in the eyes tends to be the definer of such, but why does it happen?

stoned eyes

Surprisingly enough, the redness of the eyes is a somewhat good indication of THC levels in the weed/edibles/extracts consumed. Here’s why; THC lowers blood pressure, which causes the blood vessels and capillaries to dilate allowing the blood to flow through with more ease, this creates a higher flow of blood to the eyes and reduces intra-ocular pressure. The higher blood flow makes your eyes turn red, whilst at the same time the decrease in pressure is an effect considered beneficial to Glaucoma patients (a disease linked to intra-ocular pressure).

So that eye-drop-worthy redness in your eyes has nothing to do with the smoke, (this explains why even a tasty THC-edible can provoke the reddest of eyes), some people can be more sensitive to it, (in the same way some people can drink more or run faster, you can practice getting good at both these things but genetics will always play a part), but the overall reason for the redness is the cannabinoids found in the plant.

Some of you may have considered the possibility of allergies. This is always a possibility, but you’re probably going to be allergic to the smoke itself, meaning you’d be red-eyed around smoke whether it was incense, cannabis smoke or a candle.

So what to do, you want to blaze it up but just can’t bare the stigma you receive on that brightly light metro ride.. Here are a few tips. Drink more water: Not enough water makes the body close down certain capillary beds, less “pipes” to help the blood flow means higher blood pressure. This higher blood pressure will create a redder reaction when the sudden drop in pressure appears after smoking- So on the long term the best thing to do is to keep a balanced blood pressure level as to not cause such drastic changes.

The other options are either: to just plan it safe; Wear shades (that’s my trick - be high AND look cool), or save the high THC strains for the good company. Or cop yourself some low THC strains so that you can still enjoy getting high during your daily routine, and still get on the metro without stressing about the peering eyes looking at you.

Here’s a list of some great low-THC strains which’ll be great for clear-minded, clear-eyed highs !

Here are some low-THC auto flowers:

Auto Sin Tra Bajo (14%)

auto sin tra bajo

In Spanish the expression “Sin Tra Bajo” means “effortless”, “easy”. This is it, the accurate description of this strain. It is rapidly flowering auto that will deliver unbelievably large quantities of bud in just 9-10 weeks starting from the germination day. Auto Sin Tra Bajo is a sturdy and vigorous plant, your typical autoflowering variety. Its cannabinoid content stays between 12 to 15% THC.

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Auto Little Cheese (12-14%)

auto little cheese

Auto Little Cheese is just like the original Cheese, but just a little…smaller. These girls are tiny, only reaching 40-50 cm in height. But flowers, on the contrary, are unusually large and sticky because of copious amounts of resin covering them. After the moment of germination only 9 to 10 weeks are going to pass till the harvest day. You can grow this strain indoors or outdoors, in a greenhouse or inside of a tiny computer case (yes, it’s actually possible and a considerable amount of people do that).

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Auto Roadrunner #2 (9%)


Dinafem Roadrunner#2 is following the steps of our first automatic, maintaining some of the characteristics of the original strain of Roadrunner,- its speed and stability- but adding new aromatic tones, more vigorous growth and a reinforced relaxing, psychoactive effect. This improves the original strain, making it yield a more vigorous harvest, improving flower and resin production and providing a more intense, sweet taste of Indica with a lemony hint of fruit.

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Or maybe some photoperiodic low-THC strains?
Frisian Dew (10%)
Brainstorm (14%)
Purple #1 (11%) 

Or maybe some CBD strains! Which have some great medicinal benefits.
Critical Mass CBD (5%THC/5%CBD)
CBD Skunk Haze (7.5%THC/7.5%CBD)
CBD Blue Shark (6.5%THC/6.5%CBD)

These are just a few of them ! Feel free to check our our low THC strains as well as the high CBD strains on our website ! But in any case, the redness in the eyes is harmless, if not somewhat healthy due to its ressemblance to the treatments for Glaucoma. The only negative aspect of it is the negative stigma that’s exists around it.