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Top 10 Best Sativa Strains 2018

What are you? Do you like to smoke in the evenings, then relax and sleep? Then you’re probably an Indica-kind of person, or maybe you’re more of a day-smoker, looking for rushes that’ll have you thinking about everything from what you had for lunch this time last year to Aristotle’s theory of knowledge. If this is the case, then a good Sativa could be for you. As the growing season arrives people are starting to make their choices of strains to grow throughout the hot summer to come; to help narrow down your choice we’ve made a list of the Top 10 Sativa Strains of 2018: 

best sativa strains 2018

Jamaican Pearl – Sensi Seeds

Sounding like the name of the next Pirates of the Caribbean film, this strain delivers combinations of a tropical Jamaican Indica with an Early Pearl, resulting in a 85% Sativa dominant strain with long lasting effects and delicious tropical tastes. As its smokers light up, the strain will transport you to a 5-star resort on a Jamaican beach with a freshly squeezed Pineapple juice in the hand and some quality bud in the other as you float away with the purely potent Rastafarian strain.

Kerala Krush – Flying Dutchmen

So the Flying Dutchmen did what they do best and flew some tasty South India Sativa genetics from, you guessed it, South India - Kerala to be more precise, and brought it back to Holland where they paired it up with an original Skunk #1. This multinational strain delivers a taste of Asian Sativas, with rich buzzing effects as well as creative bursts of euphoria combined then with the Skunk to not only reinforce the deliciousness of its properties but also to reinforce its sturdiness and its strive to survive.

Pineapple Haze – Barney’s Farm

A fruity descendant of the most famous Sativa strain; Haze. This potent fruity shenanigan is available in packs of regular seeds, making it ideal for anyone looking to reinforce their Haze genetics or maybe add some delicious Pineapple flavours to their strains. One can expect uplifting rushes of creativity engulfed with tasty tropical flavours, but unfortunately these qualities come at a price; the plant is a tall-grower and could spend up to 11 weeks flowering, a long wait, but definitely worth it!

Raspberry Diesel – Humboldt

Sounding like an awesome alternative to fossil fuels, Raspberry Diesel is what you get when you cross a Sour Diesel with a Sweet Cherry Afghan, and the result is something quite special; a bitterly sweet taste of berries combined with the somewhat chemical undertones makes it a treat for the taste-buds, all whilst the senses play around with the uplifting effects; the strain bears a 65% Sativa dominance, meaning there’s still a good percentage of Indica in there. The Indica part of the genetics play a big part in the strains success, providing body relaxations that combined with the euphoric head rush, make the whole smoking sesh’ quite the experience!

Strawberry Glue – T.H.Seeds

Named as such because of the strawberry scented leaves and buds that’ll be so densely coated in resin that’ll practically be glued together. A great plant for beginners as well as a great plant for SOG. This Sativa dominant beauty is productive, a quick flowerer, and with almost 20% THC, will deliver powerful cerebral rushes.

Lemon Zkittle – Dutch Passion

An awesome fruitfully scented strain with rich sharp tastes of lemon accompanied with high kicks of creative bursts and slow mellow body highs to keep you company along the trip. This reputed strain is highly respected in the states and a gram could cost you up to 35 dollars a gram!

Sexbud – Female Seeds

A strain that’s as kinky as its name; Sexbud delivers euphoric inspirational thoughts to the mind, makes its smokers feel comfortable and relaxed all whilst feeling motivated and uplifted, may be the ideal strain for love making! Its fruity tastes and perfectly balanced highs make it a great plant for people looking to try something new. Its Sativa dominance is paired with a whopping 22% THC and is wrapped up in a plant that shouldn’t go over a 1m in height!


Cosmic Queen – Mephisto Genetics

A newcomer to the Mephisto collection; Cosmic Queen really is the galactic crown jewels of Sativa auto-flowerers, the plant takes on sharp colours bright and colourful, and delivers its smokers with uplifting euphoric rushes, making you want to jump into your space suit and moon walk around the room! The fast flowering auto-flowerer will be tasty as she is strong and will reach a maximum height of 1m.


Amnesia Gold – Pyramid Seeds

So what makes this Amnesia so golden? This version of the potent Amnesia has been retouched with some Indica genetics; making it the ideal Amnesia strain for all the people who can be subject to anxieties or paranoias whilst smoking a Haze. Now with the Indica retouches the body is partly soothed as the mind is overwhelmed with wizzy feelings of creativity and euphoric rushes.


Blue Dream’matic

Blue dream’matic, is as the name suggests; the thing of dreams. This Sativa dominant auto-flowerer is the small cousin of Blue Dream, just as feisty and half the height – the normal version could have you looking at a plant over 4meters tall! Not very practical for all those Sativa lovers looking for something discrete, this auto-flowering version will have your buds ready to harvest by week 9 and will disguise itself as an Indica plant, bushy and sturdy. The highs will wash you away, cerebral rushes combined with a backdrop of bodily relaxations make it ideal for anyone looking to smoke during the day without the fear of getting anxious or nervous, as Sativas can sometimes do.