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The FastBuds team are happy to introduce Blue Dream’matic, a potent, delicious Sativa/Indica hybrid all bundled up into a bushy, productive auto flowering plant.

Coming from a hybridisation of “Blue Dream” and an auto flowering strain, we’ve got the seeds to your Bluey Dreams ! Don’t you dream of having a bushy plant ready for harvest after only 9 weeks? Right?! Sounds pretty awesome huh? That’s just part of the amazingness of this strain.

Don’t over feed your plants (give it a quarter of what your product instructs) and make sure to quench it’s thirst and you could be looking at 300 grams of delicious dry bud per plant. The smell of which will make your mouth water with its tasty citric aromas, I’m salivating just thinking about it ! You may want to watch its height and do a bit of manicuring to improve airflow. These buds will be resin covered, meaning essential oil extractions, here we come !

So now you know about the plant, a short bushy beast (that won’t reach much over 1 meter), now what about it’s effects?
This one’s a blend of Sativa and Indica, so we’ve got the best of both worlds … Almost like a dream … It’s still Sativa dominant (around 75%) so get ready for that mental high, there’s also a really nice mellow body high that’ll kick in after you feel the mental rush.

So to sum it up Blue Dream’matic is an easy growing bushy bad boy that’ll use it hybridisation powers to kick your mind and body into a mellow lemony high which is just as useful for those achy joints as it is for making Sharknando a much more interesting film!


Feminized Feminized Feminized
Type Autoflowering
Gentype Genotype Mostly Sativa
Flowering Flowering 9 - 10 weeks
Harvest Harvest 113,93 gr/m2; 139 g/plant indoors
Height Height up to 110 cm
THC Thc Very High
CBD Cbd Medium
outdoor Method Outdoor
indoor Method Indoor




A nice mental high mixed with a body high that'll come in later on after smoking ! All round Delish' !


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