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Raspberry Diesel genetics are a makeup of Cherry Afghan x Sour Diesel, and the result is a sweet tasting Sativa hybrid that won’t disappoint ! It’s Sativa structure makes it great at receiving light at all angles due to it’s long branches and spacing in-between the nodes. It’s name comes from it’s taste, it’s genetics, and the heavy raspberry shaped buds that’ll form in the later stages of flowering. Come the 5th week you should see the signs of flowering and after around 70days the plant should be fully mature.

If you’re growing indoors or in a grow room. Watch out, this beauty can easily grow to up to twice the height during the flowering stages. Disadvantageous maybe for some, but keep in mind that stress-techniques are your friend when it comes to the big Sativa plant ! Restructure the plant with some light stretching and you could be looking at double the yield ! Some have reached up to 1kg of pure bud from ONE plant !

Indoor, can be anywhere from 450-600g/m2, this will obviously depend on your awesome growing skills and environment ! Same goes for the THC level, reports have come back showing Raspberry Diesel to have in-between 18 and 21% THC.

In any case this strain makes for a great social smoke, uplifting and is an all-round happy strain. Smoke it with your friends, smoke it before work, or even go enjoy some delicious Raspberry tastiness on your cigarette break to get an extra boost of fruity motivation !

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Gender Feminized
Genotype Mostly Sativa
Genetics Sour Diesel #2 and Sweet Cherry Afghan
Flowering 63-68 days
Harvest in 400-600 g/m2 | out 1-3 kg/plant
Height out from 2 to 3 m
Thc 21%
Cbd 0.1%
Type Photoperiod


Fruity, Skunky, citrusy.. All round tastiness !



Uplifting, happiness, creativity. If you want to have a chat or have a fruity craze mid-workday then here's your strain !


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3 reviews
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  • Comment:
    Beautiful plant to grow with hardy genetics… looks great, smells great and tastes phenomenal. The best feminized seeds i have grown so far. Will definitely be using humbolt seeds from now on.

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  • Comment:
    We grew this strain out many times and it the flavors that come from it are just fantastic

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  • Comment:
    Great one Really love to try win this raspberry diesel Will write a great review about it

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3 reviews
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