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Sweet Seeds Black Jack is a unique 50/50 indica/sativa cross between Sweet Seeds’ Black Domina and Jack Herer. Her feminized seeds combine the best qualities of both parents and produce powerful plants with a pleasant and intense aroma, a sort of an incensed cathedral type Haze, and a strong narcotic effect.

Possessing equal characteristics of indica and sativa genotypes makes this variety absolutely unique. Feminized cannabis seeds of Black Jack develop long lateral branches with plenty of abundant resinous buds, giving plants a sphere like form. They are totally adaptive for indoor setups, showing a good response to all growing methods. They won’t disappoint you either growing outdoors. With enough sun, plants become very resinous and hairy giants stretching as high as 3 metres. This breed-crossing provides the plant a sweet scent of Black Domina that softens the deep incense aroma of Jack Herer.

Black Jack feminized cannabis seeds have a minimum sativa flowering period, just 9 weeks. Outdoor harvests start at the beginning of October.
This marijuana variety is agreed to be one of the most productive. Indoor yield can reach 600 gr. per m2, and outdoor one produce the same amount but per plant. Black Jack marijuana has a very pleasant smell and taste; she is easy smoking and doesn’t produce a “choking” effect.

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Gender Feminized
Genotype Sativa Indica
Genetics Black Domina x Jack Herer
Flowering 9 weeks
Harvest 500-600 gr/m2
Height medium, Tall
Cbd 0.6%
Thc 18%
Method Indoor
Type Photoperiod



It has a dense and nice taste, with strong flavors; earthy, pine and wood.



THC content is between 16-21% over 0.6% of CBD. It makes the cured product produce a clear headed energetic high with no "hang over" effect, ideal for parties.

Dry Mouth


1th Internal Hydro - Malaga 2008
2nd Best Hashish - Girona 2008
3rd Exterior V Bitox Cup 2008 - Sabadell
1th Internal Hydro - Malaga 2009
2nd Interior - Fumaria 2009 - Lleida
3rd Internal Hydro - Copa THC Skunk - Donostia 2009

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