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2018-03-19 15:26:12.114119

New Math From FastBuds!

We are in Green Parrot Seeds are happy to announce that we are jumping on board with Fast Buds’ California legalization party!

Now with every pack of 3 Fast Buds’ seeds you will find another 2 seeds free, whilst every pack of 5 will come with an extra 3 seeds!

Since California’s total legalization of Cannabis, the beginning of the end of the prohibition is on the horizon. As thousands of people moved across the country to the west in search of the gold nugs at the end of the 19th century, the same is happening again today with young optimist entrepreneurs making their way to the state of California in search of different yet just as valuable nugs!

To help celebrate and spread the joy, Fast Buds are offering an extra 2 free seeds with all packs of 3 of their American auto-flowering strains, and 3 extra seeds with every pack of 5!

Make sure to get on your own treasure hunt and get a hold on this promotion for a limited time only!

*Valid for all varieties except Northern Express and Cream Cookies.


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