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The Art to Wake and Bake

What's hot and What's not

Wake n bake is just awesome, from the name to the action, everything about it rocks. For us at Green Parrot, it’s a special occasion activity for those weekend days of doing absolutely nothing, so when it happens, we make sure to have breakfast, OJ and spliff, right next to the bed, extra-lazy style. Now for some, they may be like us, just on weekends or holidays- but for so many, the wake and bake is a necessity, a must and even a lifestyle:

According to a Global Drug Survey done last year in the U.S, almost 22% of the pot users in the country, spark the bud within the first glimpses of the day. Making the States the leading nation in the waking and the baking. Despite the inability to deduct an explanation from this information, we can partly conclude that it’s due to unhappiness in the work place, something we’ve all surely experienced, and all understand. A Gallup Poll from 2017 showed that 2/3 of U.S employees “Hated” their jobs, and more than half felt no connection to their work, resulting in workers who “do the bare minimum to receive a pay check”.

So, for many, Mary Jane’s sweet dopamine release early in the morning is an absolute must to prepare for the tedious day ahead, providing motivation and helping with anxiety. What is it about the Wake and mysterious Bake that makes it so damn awesome? 

Here comes the Science bit

Unfortunately, like most things Marijuana related, the research and science is limited and scarce, but we can all seem to agree on one thing, smoking in the morning just gets you higher…

People theorize the possibility of it all just being an illusion… But maybe that’s just because they’re high and it’s not even 9AM yet… Who knows.

Nevertheless, a more logical explanation does exist; the drained body, that’s spent the last 7 hours fasting, is ready to soak up any nutriments entering its system, meaning the reaction to that component will be much more noticeable, in the same way that the first morning coffee is an absolute life saver, compared to that one in the evening that you didn’t even feel affect you.

So, although the THC may feel stronger, it’s solemnly because the cannabinoids aren’t competing with anything to get to where they need to be, and quickly. Same goes for lots of things, drinking or taking paracetamols on an empty stomach is just never a good idea. Now if you’re wondering why you feel like this or like that, that really depends on the strain itself and the thousands of components that it’s made up of, but the strength and speed at which one gets high from those morning puffs is more to do with an empty stomach rather than the potency of the bud.

The Ins and Outs of the Wake and Bake

So, as you can see, early bird smokers really do get higher, but there’s a few things that can just make that blazing experience even better; for example, it’s a smart idea to eat something after having taken some hits. Ok, you may be blazed, smiling and ready to work, but your body still needs some nutritional goodness to allow it to function at its upmost efficiency. On top of that, the nutrition can actually help the high last longer if you play it right!

Another thing to know is that, Sativa will be your best friend for feeling active and uplifted in the morning, providing creativity, energy and focused highs. Some Sour Diesel or some Blue Dream, would be nice, taking you from one dream land to another.

Watch out for your levels of CBD and THC, if your eyes don’t give away your level of baked-ness then your self-awareness and anxiety might. Vaporizers and bong hits maybe a better idea, controlling quantity and doses, rather than trying to balance it out into a joint.

Pros and Cons

Although we have barely touched the surface of the medicinal benefits of marijuana, the effects on the body and the psyche can be double edged; studies suggest that marijuana can provoke one to create a psychological attachment to the plant, but this depends mainly on the individual, others argue that it’s no different from a morning beer, something many would correlate with being an alcoholic.

The final blow of smoke comes with a conclusion that, the art to the wake and bake solemnly depends on the user, what he/she likes, and when he/she wants it. Younger generations may get a great kick from working blazed, older-timers may have moved onto other thrills. Just remember, everything is better in moderation and remember to smoke smart! 


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