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Moxie Seeds


-Moxie Seeds-

Once again, Green Parrot receives the seeds of a new seedbank, and a very special guest this time, in its catalogue and in its warehouse! Everybody welcome Moxie Seeds and Extracts, the brand with the best genetics for extraction!This American brand founded in Los Angeles in 2014 started as a extraction provider for medical marihuana patients then ended up creating their own genetics specially for the making of top quality extractions.  This means highly productive strains capable of producing immense resin quantities with high cannabinoid concentrations. 



They make outstanding hybrids using Goji OG, a sativa by Bodhi Seeds with great productivity and taste, with some of the most renowned strains in the world. This is the case of Super Goji Haze, an hybrid cross of Goji OG with Super Lemon Haze that resulted in a easier to grow strain with Goji’s yielding. Check their super resinous indicas like Viper City OG, a Lemon OgX Grape Kush cross with fresh taste and a devastating relaxing effect.


-Super Goji Haze-


This sativa dominant hybrid combines Goji OG, used by Moxie in uncountable strains and crossing for its great yielding potential and sweet berry taste, with the very famous and loved-by-all Super Lemon Haze. This marriage gives to Goji an easier-to-grow side that makes her more accessible to the greater public.   With its energizing effect and its complex and fruity taste, smoking this strain is the sweetest pleasure.


-Viper City OG-


This indica dominant strain winner of the Cannabis Cup results from crossing to yummy candy strains like Lemon Og and Grape Kush. The outcome is this strongly Skunk and OG influenced hybrid that’s been used many times to create more Moxie strains (like VCDC, Snake Venom, Alpine OG or ZOD). Great and sweet citric skunk smell with gasoline hints.


-Lemon Cake-


Another sativa dominant delight by Moxie Seeds and Extracts. This time, they crossed their Lemon OG with TGA Genetics’ Jesus OG to create this lemon cake flavored strain with an enormous yielding potential. The mental is, like you’d guess for any sativa dominant strain, more mental than physical, but it’s still a nice strain to relax a bit and have a nice chat.


-Goji Golden Cobra-


This genetic combines Moxie’s Golden Cobra, an hybrid featuring DNA Genetics’ very famous Tangie with Moxie’s Grape Kush, with the same Goji used in so many other Moxie crossings. The result is this hybrid with indica structure and sativa flavor and an hybrid effect that mixes the extreme physical buzz with the mental high and an extraordinary medical potential brought by the high CBD content in the abundant resin produced by Goji Golden Cobra.