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This strain is the unbelievable crossing of Goji O.G. from Bodhi Seeds and the moxie original Golden Cobra! The result is a citrus fueled, resin filled delicious strain with a high CBD content.

It is an indica-sativa hybrid, a big yielder but more horizontal than in heights. That is the indica legacy in the plant structure, you will smell the sativa in it though, that is where the cobra hits you. So you will get the perfect composition of the huge resin producing Goji O.G and the monstrously huge buds of the Golden Cobra with a taste of real gourmets.

The effect is a typical hybrid one, so you get the best of both extremes the indica body hit with the mental sativa high, the special thing about this strain is the high amount of CBD so it is perfectly suitable for medical extractions and for the use against physical and psychological issues aswell, like depression, chronical pain or anxiety.

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Gender Regular
Genotype Sativa Indica
Genetics Goji x Golden Cobra
Flowering 8 weeks
Thc High
Cbd High
Type Photoperiod



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    I've got one growing now in my 600w tent. Not the prettiest of plants. But good grow, it filled a solo cup with roots in just one week. Almost went a little root bound. Very close to start flowering.

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