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California Dream starts flowering soon after 12/12 and continues progressively at a regular pace. The plants are very similar in appearance and height, which means you can rely on steady results when growing from seeds. Under a standard 3-4 week vegetative time in soil with 400-600W HPS/m2 they tend to stretch to approx. 1 meter (3.3 feet) with little variation. The attractive buds have a typical conical shape with towers of resiny calyxes. Some buds are denser than others but the differences are minimal. This strain may have good potential for SCROG. California Dream prefers to grow in a balanced soil mix without excessive nitrogen content, and hot organic mixes with bat guano, etc. should be avoided. In a sea of green set-up it may be best to prune the shoots at the bottom three internodes to strengthen the top branches.
Resin production is reliable among all plants and the buds are easy to trim after harvest. Mold resistance tends to be high. Outdoors, California Dream can be grown in temperate regions as long as the weather does not turn before the harvesting date, around the middle of September. The effects are quick-hitting, producing an all-round high that can be felt in both body and mind. The stone leaves a sense of well-being and reflects the balanced yet stimulating power of it’s parentage. It may inspire you to hang loose and take a mind vacation, or motivate you to have fun with friends. This is a promising strain to try out.
Product Features:
Homogenous appearance
Attractive buds
Enjoyable high
High mold resistance
Good stress resistance
Sociable, slightly euphoric, good for chilling, body relaxation, long-lasting.
Slightly skunky with a touch of mint, herbal candy.
Flowering time outdoor:
September (south); mid October (north)
Recommended light intensity:
400-600W HPS
Yield (dry weight):
450 gr/m2; 800+ gr. per plant outdoor in the ground.

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Gender Feminized
Genotype Sativa Indica
Flowering 9 weeks
Harvest 450 gr/m2
Height 80 - 120 cm
Thc High
Cbd High
Method Indoor
Type Photoperiod





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2 reviews
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  • Comment:
    California Dream is the BOMB! Its very strong and definitely good one. The effect when smoked gives a slightly euphoric high that finishes off with a long lasting relaxed body feeling.....Delicious!!! Thank you so much Green Parrot for send me this stuff, you are the best!!!

    By on

  • Comment:
    I grew this one indoor with a 12/12 light cycle and it really loved it and flowered soon. Mold resistant one! Very strong effect, be careful with this baby

    By on

2 reviews
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