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Chemo Remo is the result of Urban Remo’s work on making a hybrid using UBC Chemo and Bubba Kush male, this Indica-dominant marijuana plant created by the famous cultivator/Youtuber gives us a taste of a therapeutical and medicinal strain, which winks at anyone receiving Cancer treatment wishing to relieve pains, and of course to your every day user, this strain is great to help with mental pains, muscle pains and other internal upsets (nausea and vomiting for example).

It’s high THC content allows it’s users to go into a psychoactive world where they’ll be overwhelmed by it’s mixture of strong earthy and dark flavours hinting of black pepper and a chemically touch. This strain is great for creating appetite and reducing pains.

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Gender Feminized
Genotype Sativa Indica
Genetics UBC Chemo and Bubba Kush male
Flowering 65-70days
Harvest Indoor: 500g/m2 / Outdoor 1000g/plant
Height up to 2.5m
Thc 24%
Cbd 0.1%
Type Photoperiod


Your typical Californian tasting weed - a Kush dominating smell which is strong and intense which is combined with a petroly earthy taste which is very rich and dark with a touch of bitterness reminding one of black pepper.



THC lovers roll up ! For this is your strain, with 24% THC this will give you a very strong psychoactive effect - leaving you with an overwhelming high for all those who love that little escape into another world. Other than it's strong impact this strain has a growing reputation for being great at relieving pains from cancer treatments - such as vomiting and nausea - it also boosts the appetite and reduces pain. So good for people looking for a therapeutical and soothing high all whilst being overwhelmed by it's effects and perfect for anyone looking to indulge themselves and enjoy a big meal !

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4 reviews
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  • Comment:
    What a great strain ! Got me super giggly and completely cured my Nausea ! Nice

    By on

  • Comment:
    Really strong ! I love that about this strain !

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4 reviews
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