Fruity Jack / Jack el Frutero

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This time the team of Philosopher Seeds asked their friends from Reggae Seeds for a Jack the Ripper male, and crossed it with female Respect #13, the winner of Spannabis 2012. Jack the Ripper is a gorgeous sativa with a short flowering period, that added some flavor and Haze effect, and set a great genetic base for the strain

She’ll give you nice harvests in indoor and outdoor grows. The plant grows strong with loosy leaf structure, that makes
pruning fun and easy.

Due to her sativa dominant genes we would recommend growing 9 to16 plants per m2 or
SOG at about 20 plants per m2.

This strain requires a lot of nuts, do not forget to feed her to reach the most potential.
Keep on giving nuts during all stages. She is good enough for hydro and soil.

Immaculate buds coated in double layer of trichomes are ideal for high quality hash.


Feminized Feminized Feminized
Type Photoperiod
Gentype Genotype Sativa-Indica: 70%-30%
Genetics Genetics Respect #13 x Jack the Ripper #1
Flowering Flowering 60-70 days
Harvest Harvest indoor: 450-600 gr/m2 ; outdoor: 500-2000 gr/plant
THC Thc 19.0%
CBD Cbd 11.0%
outdoor Method Outdoor
indoor Method Indoor


Haze tones with vivid fruity flavor and hint of citrus.



Perfect to disconnect from routine and enjoy the music or nature.



Canary Islands Cup 2015 1er prize CBD Category

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