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Skunk #1 is a model for all other cannabis strains. It was a first powerhouse of the cannabis world, it had been created with the use of genetics of Afghani, Mexican Acapulco Gold and Columbian Gold. Pretty much all the modern strains contain the genes of Skunk #1 one way or another. It’s still being used by breeders from many countries around the globe. Why don’t you get familiar with it too?
The strain was finally stabilized in 1978 and became entirely homogenous; there are no phenotypes that are different from each other. No matter how many seeds you germinate, the plants will look exactly the same, yield the similar amount of bud and hit just as hard. What’s it? The concentration of THC (9-11%) seems to confuse you? Don’t pay too much attention to the numbers, they don’t really matter too much. The truth is, after a couple of bowls filled with Skunk #1 you’ll probably end up tripping your brains out.
Buds are charmingly fat and dense, with the sticky resin completely coating them from top to bottom. Very high flowers/foliage ratio, so trimming isn’t going to as troublesome as usual.
When it comes to the smell, Skunk #1 beats everyone. You know that the plant is going to be smelly, when even its name tells you so. The odor is so distinct that you can smell it even if your plants are located outdoors! On the other hand, what else could you expect from a strain named Skunk, really.


Regular Regular Regular
Type Photoperiod
Gentype Genotype Indica 25% / Sativa 75%
Genetics Genetics Afghani x Mexican Acapulco Gold x Columbian Gold
Flowering Flowering 9 weeks
Harvest Harvest high
Height Height medium
THC Thc 9.0%
CBD Cbd Medium
outdoor Method Outdoor
indoor Method Indoor
greenhouse Method Greenhouse






Skunk #11 Skunk #1

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