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Cannabis strains with high CBD level

Cannabinoids power

Nowadays, those who cultivate cannabis don’t only look for the perfect, the longest and the funniest buzz. There exist other ways to consume marijuana.

The cultivation of marijuana plants is something more than just for its ludic or recreational use which is always legally pursued.

Today, through its consumption, it is searched to offer the humans therapeutical substitutes to palliate pains or diseases that the allopathic medicine has not been able to remedy yet.

The strains that are commercialized possess high THC levels, that chemical substance that produces desirable psychoactive effects for the recreational marijuana.

In a way, these doses have been obtained thanks to the investigation and the genetics alteration of pure marijuana strains, getting levels above 20% of this substance.

An authentic bomb for the five senses.

But that is not all, thanks to these improvements in the chemical alteration and the study of different cannabinoids, it has also been reached to generate big doses of CBD in commercial strains, creating that medicinal cannabis variety as valuated and studied of this moment.

This new marijuana use as therapeutical purpose threatens the illegality of this substance. Gradually, governments and health departments from all around the world tend to allow the use and the cultivation of the strains with most levels of CBD due to the fact of its contrasted benefits for the organism.

Marijuana cannabinoids

We know that cannabis possesses 85 cannabinoids, but from them only two are being studied: THC and CBD. So, there is a lot to discover about this magnificent plant.

What the scientific community ensure is that the second most concentrated cannabinoid, known as cannabidiol, and abbreviated as CBD, supposes from 1 to 4% of the median composition of the plant.

CBD possesses the same composition as THC, and it also works in symbiosis with this other composite.

About THC…

We know that THC is a psychoactive composite that disturbs and affects the cerebral functions acting in the central nervous system.

Its effects produce changes in mood, behaviour, perception, cognition and obviously physical sensations that move us from relaxation or nervousness to excitation.

Ultimately, a huge range of psychic sensations which any marijuana smoker can perfectly describe

About CBD…

CBD is considered a cannabinoid that has not psychoactive features, but sedative. Its consumption alleviates undesirable symptoms and pains that produce discomfort.

This is the reason why its buzz is really valued as therapy.

The truth is that it has therapeutical use that pass any other studied cannabinoid.

Which effects does it produce in the organism?
• It can reduce or anticipate inflammations
• It increases nausea sensation
• It is helpful for diabetes
• It stops addictions like alcoholism
• It alleviates disorders caused by post-traumatic stress
• It helps against diseases like schizophrenia, rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy and cardiovascular diseases.
• It reduces pain and symptoms caused by cancer and chemotherapy

Moreover, it can be used as antipsychotic, anxiolytic analgesic, is valid against neuropathic pain and for muscle aches and spasms.


These two substances have more benefits when they perform together as when they perform alone, for this reason the Mother Nature offers us that in a single plant; cannabis
The truth is that when THC and CBD work together they counteract and then some undesirable effects that THC produces like excitation or extreme anxiety can be reduced.

A success case

Through the use of strains containing high CBD levels and low THC levels, ill people have been able to use marijuana with great results.

An interesting case is “Charlotte’s Web case” that took place in 2011. Stanley brothers, marijuana cultivators in Colorado, developed a marijuana variety which contained high CBD levels (more than 20%) and very low THC levels (only 0.5%)

This variety was really successful when it was used with people who had cancer.
Also, it was used for a Young 3 year old girl called Charlotte who had unstoppable spasms due to Dravet syndrome. This young suffered more than 300 attacks during a week. Her parents tried Stanley brothers’ strain shaped as oil extract, and the success was overwhelming.

Charlotte's Web

Since then, this strain was denominated “Charlotte’s spider web”, and has been used to stop epilepsy attacks in children around the world.

This oil is legal and is commercialized around all E.E.U.U.

CBD nowadays

It can be said that thank to these exit cases there exist now in the market new varieties with higher CBD levels.

These marijuana varieties contain both substances THC and CBD (ratio 1:1), while sometimes some can produce even more CBD tan THC.

The strains with most CBD levels have reached 1:2 ratio or even 1:3.

How can we know CBD level?

The simplest test to check CBD level in a plant is to smoke it. The differences in its consumption are distinguishable in sensations, THC is more psychoactive and CBD is relaxing and narcotic, which means that it affects more to the body.

The usual marijuana consumers use to use its hearts because is where THC is concentrated, but the truth is that in its level composition, there is more CBD in the leaves than in the own hearts. The stems also contain more CBD than the hearts, consequently it is worthwhile to use all marijuana plant.

Most of the recipes that are done with cannabis possess high levels of CBD, because when it gets warm or it gets roasted this substance appears in a more concentrated way.

How to make a CBD test of a marijuana strain?

There exist chemical compounds that can perform on plants when these are during its vegetative phase. These allow us to know the plant composition before waiting that the hearts and flowers appear.

Another rudimentary method to get higher CBD levels that most of cultivators use is to leave the plants to maturate in excessively, so allow them to grow some more days than the planned date for the harvest.

When trichomes become amber, which we can observed through a magnifying glass, the CBD production has increased.

This happens because of the degradation and oxidation of THC that becomes CBD.
However, there is not a scientific hypothesis that support this test.

About the percentages

When a strain possesses 4% of CBD, then is considered to contain high levels of it.
Nowadays, most of the commercialized strains that exist in the market contain THC that moves from 1 and 23% in most of the cases, and between 1 and 4% of CBD.

If the strain contains more than 4% of CBD, then is considered to contain high levels of this chemical compound.

However, thanks to all advances and chemical tests of cannabinoids, now the strains
containing the highest levels used in medical use contain between 8, 12 or even 18% of this compound.

It is very probable that in a short time these levels can increase thanks to involve of bank seeds and scientific studies about CBD use.

The richest CBD strain

Here, we leave you a list of the richest CBD strains that can be found in the market. Have a look and be brave to cultivate them, because the benefits will be huge for you and your people.

- Shark ShockCBD 7,28 %
- CBD Skunkhaze – CBD 5 %
- Royal HighnessCBD 7%
- CBD Nordle – CBD 8,97%
- CBD Medi Haze – CBD 8%
- CBD Skunk Haze – CBD 5%
- Critical KushCBD 8,23%
- Purple Maroc – CBD 7%