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Medical Seeds

A little history

Medical Seeds

If the spanish medicine is recognized internationally it expected that a seed bank marijuana for medicinal use with Spanish seal has great international success.

And that’s this, Medical Seeds(), has become one of the most important banks concerning of medicinal cannabis use with Spanish seal.

Founded in 2008 by a young and enthusiastic team, this marijuana seed company adapted varieties from the Netherlands, USA Canada to the Spanish weather.

The result is high quality strains with high production due to climatic characteristics, with a levels of THC and CBD very high, and suitable for the treatment of patients with various ailments.

This bank has slowly become one of the most valued by the South East Europe; Spain, southern France, Italy, Greece and North Africa, countries that share the same characteristics of climate.

The results of Medical Seeds is a growing catalog meet the expectations of consumers.

Its strong point:

This young team has put special effort in offering varieties for therapeutic and medicinal use, which has placed it at the head of banks dedicated to this purpose in the Mediterranean seeds.

Another strength that has led them to fame is its packaging and graphic design. Not surprisingly the fact packaging market their seeds as pills or drugs has made this bank won adherents and reliability among medical marijuana users.

Medical Seeds

Their motto is:

Medical Seeds offers “marijuana for therapeutic use adapted to all climates”
Question of pure marketing or a business vision, but the fact is that Medical Seeds with this strategy and corporate image has fulfilled its purpose of making consumers assimilate marijuana as a balm for pain.ç

Medical Seeds

Also thanks to the cultivation and environment in which they operate have been able to create varieties that adapt to any weather.

Cups and Awards:

Medical Seeds is accumulating in its path, cups and renowned awards in the Spanish and international scene cannabic each year.

One of the major findings of his team, the Channel+(), has been awarded in Ibiza Cup and in Djamba Cup and Spannabis cup by different categories such as best variety of indoor or extraction champion.

His other most memorable creation is the variety 1024, that has been awarded with several cups as the best variety of Interior and hydroponics.

Also of special note is the No Name(), that was the champion within Málaga Cup 2009.

Specialized in:

The range of seeds Medical Seeds focuses on providing feminized seeds with different percentages of Indica and Sativa.

Among the most prominent and preferred by consumers we can talk about the sativa as the 1024 or 2046 and Indica as Channel + or Hammerhead, as well as incredible varieties like Prozack(), No Name or Y Griega().

Likewise, the team of geneticists has made much effort in creating spectacular crossings with pure Haze mother plants internationally known as Blueberry, Northern Lights, Skunk, White Rhino, Medicine Man, Sensi Star, Cheese, Great White Shark, White Widow, Strawberry Haze …

Green Parrot Seeds have Medical Seeds catalog offer the Spanish medical marijuana. Heal!

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