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Night Queen is truly an old school strain that was developed in 80’s along with the Holland’s Hope. It had been one of the most popular Dutch Passion strains back then, even before Dutch Passion became an actual company. The classic Indica genetics are still alive and kicking. It’s like an old wine that only gets better as the time goes by.
Night Queen is a modest 100% Indica plant that literally EVERYONE can grow. You won’t need to spend a lot of time and it won’t take a lot of effort. All you have to do is check on your plants from time to time, provide them with water and nutrients, and this is it. Flowering takes 8 weeks on average, the optimal length of the vegetative phase is ~1 month, but if you want bigger plants, you can make it last as long as you need. The aroma is comprised of many tones; hues of pine, Skunk and chestnut are quite conspicuous. It’s worth mentioning that Night Queen can be used as a perfect mother plan due to the fact that it clones easily.
Very high THC percentage, 18 to 20%, also loads of CBD. If your nerves don’t let you peacefully fall asleep, we suggest that you smoke some Night Queen and finally go to bed. Chronic pains, muscle cramps, headaches maybe? Night Queen will fix you up good. And it’s just cannot be described how good the food gets. Munchies are out of control, try not to overeat; there is a reason why doctors say that it’s not healthy to eat too much.
Night Queen is able to yield over 500 grams per square meter while indoors. Use SOG/SCROG and hydroponics, and the result may be even bigger!

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Gender Feminized
Genotype Indica
Genetics Mazar x Indica
Flowering 8 - 9 weeks
Harvest 500 gr/m2
Thc 19%
Cbd Medium
Method Indoor
Type Photoperiod




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