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Royal Queen Seeds White Widow, a name, a legend, a winner of the numerous Cannabis Cup awards. This marijuana variety has appeared on the market in 1995 and has been the dominator of the scene ever since.
White Widow is the most potent cannabis on Earth and is named for the abundance of trichomes, giving the plant a whitish tint. It is also one of the more powerful strains of marijuana (alongside AK-47 and Afghan Kush) with a high 20% THC content.
White Widow feminized seed from the Royal Queen Seeds is an Indian/Brazilian sativa (60%/40%) cross-strain and is best suited to indoor cannabis cultivation. These feminized cannabis seeds grow as high as 35-80 cm with the yield up to 450 gr per m2 indoors and 300 gr outdoor. It’s suggested to flower (12 hour light) this marijuana variety for 8 weeks, but 10 weeks will really give you the crystals you are after. Try to turn the lights off altogether the final 2 weeks of the flowering cycle- or at least down to 8 hours. This keeps the flowers from re-growth and stresses the plant into giving up its last drop of goodness as crystal to protect the flower! The buds have so much THC on them that it is hard to see them at all. However, this new strain from Royal Queen Seeds is very resistant and is also happy to grow outdoor either in a group of the green, or as an individual taller plant. It doesn’t mind if you reduce the amount of light in the last days of flowering to further stimulate the resin production.

Royal Queen’s White Widow has excellent flavour with notes of fruit. The subtle aroma reminds you of the fresh pine cones when they are still on the trees.
Harvest month: Late October

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Gender Feminized
Genotype Sativa Indica
Genetics White Widow
Flowering 8-9 weeks
Harvest 400 gr/m2; 35-45gr/plant
Height 100-125 cm
Thc 20%
Cbd High
Method Indoor
Type Photoperiod





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