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Everybody knows how important it is to have a God inside of your heart. What could be better than having a God (Jah) inside of your growbox? People usually go to church on Sundays, but with this strain you will have the ability to constantly be together with Him.
Even you have sinned a lot, this church will accept you just the way you are. Just inhale the holy smoke, and all of your sins will be forgotten momentarily. That’s how you receive His sacred blessing.

Jokes aside, Church is a phenomenal Indica strain. It has everything you could dream of – plentiful yields, fat buds and the smell… It is hard to describe, but for the most people it reminds of incense (what a coincidence), lemons and strawberries. Family tree of this strain is also remarkable – amongst the predecessors you can find the strains like Northern Lights, Super Skunk and Skunk #1.

Church will enlighten you with its perfectly balanced psychoactive effect that heals the body and widens the mind. This marijuana is effective at treating various health conditions, including the chronic pains, nausea, appetite disorders, depression and many more.
Indoor crop – over 800 grams per square meter, implying that the high-powered light sources (800-1000W high pressure sodium lamps or LED grow lights) are being used.

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Gender Feminized
Genotype Sativa Indica
Genetics Swiss sativa x Super Skunk x Northern Lights
Flowering 8 weeks
Harvest 800 gr/m2
Height 100-150 cm
Thc 20.28%
Cbd 0.16%
Method Indoor
Type Photoperiod




Dry Mouth

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