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After its appearance Lemon Skunk quickly became a revolutionary strain in the cannabis world.
Breeders managed to combine the overwhelming “stoned” effect, exceptionally large yields and overall toughness, which resulted in an ideal all-around variety.
Lemon Skunk can be grown anywhere, indoor, outdoor, hydroponic systems or greenhouse, it really doesn’t matter all that much. If you have basic knowledge on how to grow cannabis, you will succeed.

Plants look astonishing, with lots of strong branches and an impressive amounts of colas. Flowers grow in clusters and become truly gigantic with time. In terms of production, Lemon Skunk is pretty much unbeatable. Indoors you will harvest up to 800 grams of dry product per square meter. Outdoor yields are also great, they can reach up to 1 kilo per plant.

Smoking this strain produces deeply calming effects, while keeping your thoughts very vivid and clear. It’s more of a fusion of “stoned” and “high” state, and it is indeed very pleasant.
Lemon Skunk is equally suitable for both recreational and medicinal use. The buds contain 19.12 THC and 0.23% CBD, which is on par with the most potent strains available.

In general, we would like to say the Lemon Skunk is nothing less than a masterpiece. If you’re not sure which strain to choose, go with the Lemon Skunk, it will be well worth of your time.

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Gender Feminized
Genotype Sativa Indica
Genetics Skunk x Citral
Flowering 8 weeks
Harvest 800 gr/m2
Height 120 - 150 cm
Thc 19.12%
Cbd 0.23%
Method Indoor
Type Photoperiod




All round great high, deep relaxing body high combined with a mental effect that will leave you pondering and wondering without the incapability of functioning properly.

Dry Mouth

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  • Comment:
    Tiene un efecto muy intenso y duradero. Efecto placentero corporal que tiene me encanta. Muy sabroso, sabor y olor a limón como su propio nombre. Puede crecer como una planta bastante alta.

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1 reviews
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