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What could possibly outmatch the pure-blooded Sativa strain? Sharp cerebral effect is very clean and precise thanks to the enormous cannabinoid content. 23% THC, how about that? And the CBD percentage is fairly low, just 0.17%, which means that you won’t feel sleepy at all. But are you ready for the high this intense? Do not forget that the CBD works as an anti-psychotic and hence the experience may feel a little bit too trippy even for people who have been smoking for a while.

In appearance it is a typical 100% Sativa plant with the thin leaves and a tall stature.
These girls easily reach 2 meters in height and even more! So we suggest you try to keep an eye on your plants and make use of SOG/SCROG/LST or trimming/pruning. Buds can look little airy at first, but they’re actually quite heavy and the branches may need some additional support just to withstand the sheer weight of these nugs. Hawaiian Snow is a very productive strain, with the indoor crop going up to 700 grams per square meter.

The blooming time may seem a little disastrous, twelve weeks is a lot of time, but really, the quality of this bud will make the waiting worth it. Hash oil made out of Hawaiian snow is so potent it is possible to have some serious psychedelic experience. Although there is really no need to do anything to your buds, since they are really strong just the way they are.

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Gender Feminized
Genotype Sativa Indica
Genetics Hawaiian sativa x Laos
Flowering 12 weeks
Harvest 700 gr/m2
Height 120 cm +
Thc 23%
Cbd 0.17%
Method Indoor
Type Photoperiod






1st HTCC 2003
1st IC420 Growers Cup 2007
1stChampions Cup 2007
2st HTCC 2011

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  • Cultivo exterior, Hemisferio Sur, Chile, Concepcion ,
    Plantada en exterior mas fertilizacion NPK y con una mezcla de sustratos tanto de grow shop como de tierra madre, en unos 150 litros obtube muy buenos resultados, una planta casi de 3 metros con muy buena ramificacion, aunque no supero a la Monster de Eva Seeds que para mi fue mas productiva (cultivada en las mismas condiciones). Las caracteristicas de la planta son las de una verdadera sativa, hojas alargadas de color verde oscuro como sale en la imagen un gran espacion internodal , cogollos muy gruesos tipo indica, y de efecto sativo que termina levemente en indico, pero todo esto depende del tiempo de maduracion que uno les da. Muy buena genetica sativa , una maravilla de planta

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1 reviews
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