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Exodus Cheese was considered the ultimate king in terms of its high, flavor and taste. Specifically, the UK Exodus Cheese was the one to become extremely famous during the 80s and 90s.

Although unappealing to some due to its skunky odor, the Exodus Cheese is one of the most sought-after strains in history. The Exodus collective was responsible for breeding many such strains, and once they passed on some cheese clones to Greenhouse Seeds, you can imagine the magic that was waiting to happen.

Greenhouse seeds were one of the only seed companies to introduce a stable Exodus Cheese to the market. But what if they could set the bar higher by improvising on their own strain? What if the original qualities were retained while reducing the flowering time?

Yes, they now have Exodus Cheese Auto - a strain created by crossing the original Exodus Cheese with a sturdy Ruderalis that takes only 9 weeks from germination to harvest! A hybrid of Sativa, Indica and the Ruderalis, the Exodus Cheese Auto is every bit like the original. In an era of cheese mania with several cheese strains popping up, it's tough to recognize the original. Some cheese strains have no relation to the original, but they still sell because of all the hype. A few other strains do smell faintly of cheese, but nothing can even come close to the original Exodus Cheese that has stolen too many hearts. Since Greenhouse Seeds has played such an important role in spreading unique seeds to scores of growers all over the world, you can rest assured that the Exodus Cheese Auto is very similar to the original.

With aromas ranging from cheese to skunk, Exodus Cheese grows up to 3 feet outdoors. The yields are average with about 70 to 80 grams per plant; however, it’s the effects that put this strain on a pedestal. Indoors, she produces up to 500 grams per meter square. Watch out for that one big cola towering over others, making her a perfect candidate to experiment with various training techniques.

Legendary strains don’t become famous for no reason. It’s about the hard work that goes behind closed doors. From making the strain stable to providing resistance against many diseases and pests, breeders have a lot to do. In this regard, the Exodus Cheese Auto stands tall because she’s not only resistant but doesn’t slow down even in adverse conditions. She’s a tough nut to crack since she flowers even when the temperatures dip to 10 °C. If a beautiful strain packed with cheese flavors fills your heart with joy, then the Exodus Cheese Auto will never disappoint you!

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Sativa Indica Ruderalis
Exodus Cheese x Ruderalis
7-9 weeks
Indoor - 500 gr/m2 Outdoor - 70-80 gr/plant





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