Vaporiser Max Battery

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Here you can purchase the preheat battery vape pen, ideal for smoking CBD cartridges or other oil extracts in cartridge form.

This Vape pen is ideal for all those looking to stop smoking but who can’t quite quit the behavioral habit of having something to physically smoke. Also, ideal for those who prefer to not use directly ingested oils or capsules.

This cartridge vape pen has a stylish slim design created to slip effortlessly in and out the users pocket to provide easy usage and efficient storage.

Simply charge the battery, screw on the cartridge (not included) and puff away!

Each pack includes:
1.Battery capacity: 380mAh
2.Voltage adjustable: 2.7V-3.1V-3.6V
3.Charge: Bottom USB charging port
4.Button LED light indication: 2.7V(white),3.1V(blue),3.6V(red), Preheat(Mixed) to adjust voltage.
5.Protection: Short circuit/Overcharge/Overtime
6.Color: Black/Silver/ Gun (In stock)
7.Preheating time: 15s

(1).5 clicks on/off
(2).3 clicks to adjust voltage
(3).2 clicks to preheat

Material: Stainless Steel
Available only in black color
Comes with USB charger

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