CBD Charlotte's Angel

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This Sativa dominant strain has deliciously high levels of CBD reaching anywhere in-between 10% and 16% CBD and has much lower percentages of THC, that’ll always be lower than 1%. The strain is the result of a crossing between Dutch Charlotte (CBD rich clone) crossed with a clone-only Red Angel (also high in CBD), and is great for anyone looking to smoke a joint without getting overwhelmingly high and wants to remain focused and clear minded.
The smokers will feel a positive feeling of well-being, a feeling quite hard to describe, and can only really be done justice whilst being smoked! Very recommended for the medicinal cannabis smokers, CBD Charlotte’s Angel will be soon become your very own personal doctor! 

This is Dutch Passions first low THC variety, and it’s quite a phenomenon, easy going plant that’ll produce anti-anxiety and calming buds, ready for all your medicinal needs.

The flowering time will be somewhat longer; it’s growers can expect to wait up to 11 weeks of flowering period. A bit of a long wait, but a wait that’ll be more than worth the while!

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Gender Feminized
Genotype Mostly Sativa
Genetics Dutch Charlotte x Red Angel
Thc 0.6%
Cbd 15%
Type Photoperiod

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