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The master of Kushes is here, the rediscovered treasure of the 90’s is back. Most cannabis strains are diploid, meaning they carry 1 set of chromosomes from each parent. Master Kush was a huge hit and the end of the century in Dutch coffee shops notably due to it being a tetraploid strain, meaning 2 sets of chromosomes from each parent; meaning twice the character and twice the buzz !

A strong rooted plant making it apt to receive constant fertilisation, helping you get the most out of this beautiful strain, it’s high yield and fast flowering combined with it’s stabilised genetics makes it an already competent plant good for beginners and that’ll turn into an exotic fruity tasting bud with a deeply relaxing high. It’s a strong strain reaching up to almost 24% THC and is 95% Indica so watch out when smoking ! Newcomers beware !!

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Gender Feminized
Genotype Mostly Indica
Genetics Hindu Kush/Skunk x OG Kush
Flowering 50–55 days
Harvest 450–500+ g/m2
Height 2–3+ m
Thc 24%
Cbd 0.1%
Type Photoperiod



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4 reviews
Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • Comment:
    Definitely the master of Kushes ! easy to grow, sturdy plant and just a great high all round

    By on

  • Comment:
    Very dense plants . Huge fan leaves and i can tell already that shes going to get huge!

    By on

  • Comment:
    Humboldt has some awesome genetics, made me proud up here in Canada, everthing got here safe ! Thanks GP !

    By on

  • Comment:
    Couch hitting strain right here. One hit wonder.

    By on

4 reviews
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