Soridol Cream CBD 50 ml

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Soridol is a skin-support cream, that protects your skin from external factors and contributes to normal cell growth. The cream itself is made up of high quality herbal ingredients which help promote the maturation of keratinocytes without harsh chemical additifs.

Soridol should be applied in small amounts to the areas of dry or flaky skin. The product can be used 2-3 times a day daily and should not be used on broken or freshly injured skin. Before applying, try to remove excess flakes as to allow full topical penetration. Allow 1-2 minutes for the yellowness of the cream to incorporate fully into the skin.

Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid sun exposure while using Soridol and do not use if you are under narrowband UVB or PUVA treatment. Any further questions, consult a physician.

CBD Content 300 mg

Made in Swiss

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Protects and contributes to normal cell growth in the skin.

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