Moisturising CBD Cream 50ml

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A 100% natural moisturising cream by myCBD allowing you to feel the highest hydration thanks to it’s unique combination of ingredients; The arnica oil, CBD oil (cannabidiol), olive oil and beeswax, among others, are just some of the ingredients present in the preparation. The ecological extract of cannabis enriched in cannabidiol is what really makes the difference and helps to avoid atopic skin.

The cream should be applied either at night before sleeping or during the day, and should be applied then lightly massaged as to ensure it’s absorption by the body. Apart from being a moisturising cream the CBD content will help sooth and relax muscles both with the joints and in the concrete muscular masses. Ideal for skin with scaling or dermal dryness.

Can be applied on the skin with or scales or dry, do not apply to open wounds.
This product doesn’t create any addiction nor does it provoke any side effects.

Certified that the level of THC is below 0.2%.

No Silicones or Parabens
Made in Spain

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