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Dr. Grinspoon is a one hundred percent true, unadulterated Sativa strain that comes with a phenomenal amount of THC – 25%! Keep in mind, that there is only 0.4% of CBD, which means that a couple of puffs will expand your conciseness by A LOT, and you may not even be ready for that kind of experience.
Effect is entirely psychedelic, there are waves of unforeseen thoughts flooding your brain from the inside… Probably not the best choice to smoke before going to bed.
These are very tall plants, so if you’re growing indoors, you may need some control over their height.
Trimming, pruning and different forms of training are your best friends there. Also be ready for intense care that the plant is going to require from you. Plus, the flowering period may seem awfully long (and it kind of is, 14 weeks isn’t really all that fast), but the supreme quality of that bud will make up for it.
Flowers may look a little thin for someone who had never had any experience with pure Sativas, but it’s completely normal.
On the whole, we’d say that Dr. Grinspoon is, unfortunately, not the strain for everyone. But experienced growers and Sativa connoisseurs – that’s who will enjoy this masterpiece. Although if
you’re confident in your growing abilities, go try it out.

Indoor yield – 350 grams per square meter, outdoors it’s 400 grams per plant.


Feminized Feminized Feminized
Type Photoperiod
Gentype Genotype Sativa
Genetics Genetics Heirloom Genetics
Flowering Flowering 13-14 weeks
Harvest Harvest 350 gr/m2
Height Height Tall
THC Thc 25.0%
CBD Cbd 0.4%


The fragrance of the buds is of sumac and lemon; the smoke is light and tangy with citrus and tropical fruit aromas.



Dr. Grinspoon offers a strong, lasting, energetic and cerebral high. Old school Sativa of the highest rank.

Dry Mouth


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Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • Very strong sativa. Long lasting, so I can only smoke during the day. In the evening it is impossible

    By on

  • Short veg period, interesting plant. But too strong satica effect

    By on

  • Very potent sativa. Not for evening smoke

    By on

  • The high is very strong and long lasting but not for every day cus it makes very forgetful and not motivated to leave.

    By on

  • Strong plant but needs a lot of care. The taste is rather fruity lemon and so it smells in the room

    By on

  • Plus:



    got super dry mouth and should only be smoked when you're in a good environment


    Probably the highest/longest/most creative sativa high I've ever had.

    By on

  • Easily better that Jack herer in my opinion..

    By on

  • VERY tricky plant to grow, it's quite stalky and frail.. The weed itself is .. obviously SUPER sativa so I would get super creative which is what I love and I got one phenotype which did bring on anxiety but otherwise I would mix it with some strong Indica and jeez that's a nice mix!

    By on

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