5% Natural CBD Oil 10ml

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Here we have a CBD product by Diamoil, providing you with all the benefits of CBD in one simple extraction all whilst keeping that delicious rich aroma that the weed smokers love, coming from the terpenes which are organic hydrocarbons naturally produced naturally by the essential oils of the plants. We have two with delicious smells on offer and another without.

This one here is Dinamoil’s odourless variety, we understand that some of you may be looking for the benefits of CBD and maybe strongly dislike the smell or taste that cannabis has, so here we have the same product, just as beneficial, just as natural, without any smell. So enjoy the therapeutical and medicinal benefits these CBD products have to offer, without worrying or feeling uneased by the smell in general. This product will provide you with stress and anxiety relief as well as helping with physical tensions or pains.

No Vegetable glycerin
No Propylene Glycol
Vegan Friendly
No Nicotine

100% Natural Food Supplement
< 0.2%

Approx 200 drops.

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