5% Afghan Kush E-liquid Cartridge 1 ml

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Organic product with MTC oil*.

Here we have a CBD product by Diamoil, providing you with all the benefits of CBD in one simple extraction all whilst keeping that delicious rich aroma that the weed smokers love, coming from the terpenes which are organic hydrocarbons naturally produced naturally by the essential oils of the plants. We have two with delicious smells on offer and another without.
This one here is Afghan Kush; which has a piney musky and somewhat floral aroma.

The effects tend to be more relaxing, for those muscle tensions or achey back pains, or even those feeling chronic stress or general anxieties. Afghan Kush is originally an Indica strain, which are known for their rich CBD filled oils and extractions that have fulfilled hash and weed lovers needs all around the world for hundreds of years,
Coming from the Afghanistan-Pakistan border native to the hindu mountain tops, this strain is known for it’s sedative effects, a top choice for those looking to kick back and relax.

No Vegetable glycerin
No Propylene Glycol
Vegan Friendly
No Nicotine
< 0.2% THC

  • MTC oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides) is virtually colourless, odourless and contains high levels of Caproic acid C6, Caprulic acid C8, and Capric acid C10. These acids are known to have the advantage of being easily transported into the energy site of the cells. Therefore, MTC oil is one of the fastest, cleanest sources of long lasting fuel that is quickly absorbed and used by the brain and body.

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